September 2023 Product Updates: Speaker UX Enhancements, Sync Time Improvements, and More!

September 11, 2023
Chaithra M D
Chaithra M D
Product Marketer at Goldcast

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Our monthly product updates blog is back with some exciting updates for B2B marketers like you. Read on for more of the awesome stuff that’s in store👇

1. Speaker UX enhancement: Smoother transitions when switching slides and polls

Speakers can now share polls without having to go through multiple steps. When you're sharing slides, all you have to do is navigate to the polls tab and click to automatically pull the poll on screen.

The presentation flow becomes much smoother as you seamlessly transition between slides and polls. It lets you break up your presentation with engagement and provides you instant feedback to use in your talk track once you switch back to your slides.

📝 Learn more about this speaker enhancement.

2. Speaker UX enhancement: New Countdown Timer

Now there's a new, improved countdown so you can confidently know when events and sessions will start and end.

Ensure speakers and attendees are ready to start, right on time. And having an easy-to-see countdown allows your speakers to better manage their time to make sure they wrap up on time.

🔊Learn more here

3. Sync time improvements

Ensuring that data is synchronized more quickly and accurately with your CRMs and Marketing Automation Platforms is super important for enhancing the overall user experience and the effectiveness of sales efforts.

We’ve made improvements in the sync time of event engagement activities for sessions (broadcasts) for all our integrations, including Marketo, HubSpot, and Salesforce. This update brings a significant change: the activities below will be synchronized two hours after the session (broadcast) end time, rather than two hours after the whole event end time. So that data can be in the hands of your reps faster!

  • Event Polls
  • Event Q&A
  • Event Broadcast Engagement Time (Time Spent in a Session of an event)

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That’s all for now. We’ll see you next month with more product updates! 👋

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