January Product Updates Blog: A Recap of 2023 Updates that Helped Customers Engage, Entertain and Educate their Audience.

January 11, 2024
Chaithra M D
Chaithra M D
Product Marketer at Goldcast

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Looking back to look ahead: Come reflect on 2023 with us! We spent 2023 polishing our core events products, listening to our customers intently, and implementing that feedback to make the product more powerful and easier to use. We are proud to see a 400% jump in the number of events hosted on Goldcast.

We also spent a lot of time thinking and experimenting with how our product suite could evolve beyond events to help marketers engage, entertain, and educate their audience beyond events. We released Content Lab in the middle of last year to help marketers repurpose their video content. Customers have created over 60,000 clips with Content Lab! 😍

2024 will be the year where Goldcast’s product suite rapidly transforms beyond events into an end-to-end B2B video platform. We’ll continue our high commitment to being the best-in-class product for B2B events. We will also launch a host of content products and features, that will help marketers take their content generated anywhere and execute campaigns to connect with the audience across their journey: in and beyond events.

In this blog, we take a look at some of the coolest updates from last year that helped our customers make their B2B marketing to be less about hard selling, and more about engaging, entertaining, and educating their audience.

1. Content Lab

With Goldcast Content Lab, you can turn incredible event moments into snackable video clips, SEO-rich blog posts, engaging social posts, and personalized email follow-ups—all with the click of a button! Our customers are absolutely loving Content Lab 👇


Our customers’ favorite Content Lab features:

  • Video Clip Editor: Auto-generate or manually create engaging, bite-sized video clips in minutes.
  • Easy Editing: Remove filler words by simply highlighting and deleting.
  • Magic Layouts: Choose between speaker view, grid view, and audiogram layouts to catch your buyer’s attention.
  • SEO-rich Blog Posts: Extract event takeaways into digestible blog posts that boost organic traffic.
  • Post-event Emails: Automate post-event outreach emails for your sales teams to maximize lead conversion.

2. ROI Reporting

Goldcast's ROI dashboard is helping B2B marketers like you prove the impact of their events on pipeline and revenue.

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The ROI dashboards will help you understand:

  • Revenue and Pipeline metrics - Get the sourced and influenced metrics post-event over a time period
  • Target Account Engagement - Understand what key accounts engaged in the event for sales teams to prioritize the right accounts immediately
  • Cross Event Reporting - Compare the performance of all events, helping you identify successful events and optimize your events program for greater efficiency

It’s a game changer for B2B marketers who care about pipeline and revenue from events 📈🫰

⚡️ Check out this doc for more details

3. Event Hub Pages

With Event Hub Pages, you can create and host a branded public page for your upcoming and on-demand events—without the help of a developer. Our event page builder has a simple and intuitive UI to help marketers easily update and showcase events.


Specifically, you can showcase upcoming events and boost registrations through a beautiful, conversion-focused landing page or host your on-demand events in one easy-to-find hub.

Customizing the look and feel of the hub is made simple with pre-defined drag-and-drop blocks.

📺 Learn more about Pages here

4. Session Surveys

Organizers can add surveys to their Goldcast sessions, simplifying the process of gathering feedback directly within the Goldcast platform.

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These surveys offer various question types, including multiple-choice, single-choice, star rating, and short-text answers. Organizers and speakers have the flexibility to initiate surveys at any point during the session.

The data collected through these surveys will be accessible on the analytics dashboard. This empowers you to make informed, data-driven decisions based on feedback.

📝 Get the lowdown on Session Surveys.

5. Goldcast Studio

The admin panel got a major upgrade last year and saw it transforming into the all-new studio! The Goldcast Studio is your all-in-one platform that makes event setup and management a breeze, allowing organizers to manage all digital events from one platform.


Few of the Studio’s many awesome features:

  • Repeatable templates: Easily store custom branding and event settings to create events faster and with less work. Create multiple templates to make event setup for multiple teams easy.
  • An enhanced agenda and sleeker UI: View multi-day events more clearly.
  • Event dashboard for a high-level event summary: Event dashboard offers a high-level summary of your event - see how many people have registered, view event errors and easily fix them, ensure you’ve completed everything for event setup before your event kicks off.

6. Field Events

If you run in-person field events as part of your events program, this will make you happy! You can now use one platform for all your events and have all data centralized on one platform.


A few of the exciting features available with our field events tool:

  • Managing Registration: Use Goldcast’s registration page builder to create branded registration pages for your in-person field events.
  • Instant confirmation with QR codes: Registrants get instant confirmation emails and calendar holds, both of which contain a unique QR code, which makes check-in a breeze.
  • Effortless attendee check-in: Easily check-in attendees with a QR code, assigning access to staff to manage it onsite directly at the event using any device.
  • Attendance insights: Automatically sync attendance data to your CRM/MAP in real-time, removing frustrating manual work and reliability issues.

We’re also adding the waitlist feature that will go live very soon!

📝 Learn more about field events here.

7. Post-event Reports

The Event Report Summary provides instant insight into event performance.

You can easily find and share event performance metrics with your teams and other stakeholders.

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It is also easier to identify prospects for follow-up based on attendee data, which can be sorted and filtered based on engagement and company information.

📈 Dive into the details on the new Event Summary Page

8. Series


With Goldcast’s Series functionality, your audience can pick and choose which events they want to attend—with a single submission, and you get a consolidated view of how each series is performing. Easily create events for an upcoming mini-series or an ongoing series.

Leverage Event Series for brand and business impact. Simplify the registration process and enhance the user experience for your event series.

9. Eloqua Integration

The Goldcast + Eloqua integration is helping our clients streamline and automate the process of collecting and managing registrant and event engagement data.

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You’ll be able to track and nurture event leads by mapping Goldcast event data to Eloqua form fields. Having accurate event data in Eloqua allows for more personalized and targeted marketing campaigns.

Whether it's an activity, such as attendee participation in an event session, or an active engagement, such as poll responses and clicks on CTA, this integration empowers you to:

  • Send targeted follow-up emails.
  • Efficiently segment your data.
  • Implement lead scoring strategies.
  • Nourish leads through personalized nurturing.
  • Gain invaluable insights into your leads and customers.

Learn more about the integration.

Thank you for a great year! We’ll see you in Feb with brand-new product updates! 👋

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