CEIPAL's Case Study

May 19, 2022

Reagan Hochmeister, Community Growth at Goldcast

CEIPAL is one of the best integrated, scalable, and intelligent talent management and recruiting software in the market. Every quarter CEIPAL hosts an event - CEIPAL Connect. CEIPAL Connect is a conference to bring together the entire staffing and recruitment industry.

This year CEIPAL used Goldcast to successfully run their quarterly event with 2000+ attendees from across the globe.

Why choose Goldcast?

Due to the pandemic, countless companies including CEIPAL made a switch from traditional events to virtual events.

CEIPAL, based out of New York, was organizing to host their quarterly event virtually. The goal was to gather all the recruitment and staffing industry without compromising their safety amidst a pandemic. They wanted to provide all their attendees with an improved and glitch-free experience. 

Prior to covid, the event was held with a maximum of 100-120 attendees with 10-15 speakers. The virtual event gave CEIPAL the opportunity to make the event go global.

Before collaborating with Goldcast to run their events, they went through a number of other platforms but they faced many issues - in terms of video quality, log in issues for speakers during trial runs, the complexity of the dashboards, the low recording quality made it hard to use for marketing, etc. - and that reduced the interactivity and decreased the chances of smooth networking. 

So, they wanted something that served at a personal level as well as at a group level and Goldcast offered just that.

How did Goldcast help?

Goldcast made it easy for CEIPAL to host over 2000 attendees and organized the entire event without a glitch. 

It was the flexible approach of the platform that impressed CEIPAL’s team. Goldcast’s backhand team heard their feedback and took the necessary steps to ensure that the CEIPAL leaders and the attendees had a problem-free experience. The efficiency of the team and their open-mindedness to incorporating CEIPAL’s requests also played a major part during their development and planning process. It helped them to come up with some specific, customizable features that made the transition easy and smooth.

According to Srishti Choudhury, the event marketing manager at CEIPAL, there were three features that impressed her the most,

Srishti praised the interactive-chat feature which promoted and encouraged interactions which ultimately made networking easy and fun.

CEIPAL made use of the real-time attendee count feature of Goldcast. It made it easy for them to check the number of attendees while holding a live session to further understand  the success of that event.

“The video quality was really great compared to the other platforms I mentioned - and everyone within our company spoke about it. The user-friendliness of logging in and the ease to hover to where you want to reach. It wasn’t just for the attendees but also for the speakers, because during dry runs there is a possibility of it getting really complicated. But that wasn’t the case with Goldcast” said Srishti Choudhury when asked about the feedback given by attendees for the platform.

One of the exciting features of Goldcast was the turnaround time of the videos post-event. That made it easy for the marketing team at CEIPAL to create post-event marketing collaterals. 

This particular feature wasn’t available on any other platform and that is why Goldcast stood out as the ideal virtual platform for CEIPAL.

Final thoughts from the CEIPAL team

The CEIPAL team congratulated Goldcast’s ability in helping out various industries to not only host their events but also helps in bringing together a diverse group of people from all around the world. The tools and features aids in an easy, smooth transitioning of an offline event into an online event. 

“It is such platforms that are making interactions easy given the current situations of the pandemic and also keeping the event industry floating.” - Srishti Choudhury, CEIPAL.

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