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Goldcast… or Welcome?

Finding the right solution for superior webinars and engaging virtual and hybrid events

Goldcast makes it easy to host webinars and virtual and hybrid events with professional-quality video — without the need for any special skills. While Welcome has powerful native video production features, it can be cumbersome to use, and it doesn't have the marketing-friendly tools and analytics that most people demand from their virtual events.

Effortless event show-running

Take the work out of events with simplified back-stage management. Our simple yet powerful interface makes it easy for moderators to manage engagement tools, screen share, slides, and videos. Meanwhile, speakers can meet backstage — and even on the mainstage — and get ready to speak without risking interrupting another presenter.

Lite mode for remote attendees

Give every attendee a professional and engaging experience, no matter where they are. Goldcast offers a lite mode for attendees with limited bandwidth or a patchy internet connection, so they can still enjoy your rich event content. Welcome offers no such option.

Sales and marketing integrations

Easily sync your event data with the most popular sales and marketing tools, including Marketo, Hubspot, and Splash. Beyond our native integrations, Goldcast offers powerful, flexible webhooks that make it easy to connect with any part of your sales or marketing tech stack, such as sending gifts through Alyce or Sendoso, or triggering emails though Outreach.

What Goldcast Customers are Saying

Nina Butler, Director of Event Experience, Alyce

I was blown away by the feature set with an intuitive interface. It was extremely easy to use from an administrator's perspective and a speaker's perspective. If you are a data geek like me, the post-event dashboards to drive pipeline are really impressive.

Caitlin Oriel,
Marketing Specialist,

How does Goldcast compare?

We built Goldcast from the ground up to offer the very best features to amaze your audience, elevate your events, and surprise and delight your sales team.

Login experience
Fantastic! Attendee gets a calendar event with unique magic link so they can log in right away from any device
Excellent attendee experience
Easy-to-use admin panel
Sleek and modern
Professional but cumbersome
Live support
Best in class
Highly reviewed
Lite mode for attendees with low bandwidth
Automated reminder emails
Speaker backstage/
Automated speaker tech setup
Event video
Real-time WebRTC allows event hosts to call people on-stage for video questions and conduct real-time polling and Q&A
Real-time WebRTC
Video questions
App-free mobile experience
Yes — full mobile browser experience
Ability to clone events
Ability to publish on-demand events to my own website
Tools to build custom reg pages on my own website
Native Splash integration for creating custom reg pages
Breakout rooms
Zoom-like breakout rooms for 1:1 sales sessions, etc.
Sponsor booths
Live presence + collateral and sub-rooms within the booth
CRM and marketing automation
Yes — complete attendee journey sent directly to your sales and marketing systems
Basic integrations for registered and attended status updates
Yes — granular attendee data
No session-level data
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