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Over 50 of the world’s leading brands have made the switch from ON24 to Goldcast

Here’s why customers choose us over On24

Modern Interface for higher attendee engagement
Speaker Experience
Intuitive UI/UX for event set-up
Customer Support for all your Webinars

29 days: Average go-live for customers switching from ON24

Our 6-step process for smooth transition

  • Review event flow with Goldcast implementation and define the best experience for attendees.
  • Understand current On24 integration and map Goldcast’s enhanced data flow process
Start call
Template Creation
  • Goldcast will create the template using your brand guidelines and optimal event flow.
  • Client will review the event template and provide feedback.  Goldcast implementation work with client until the template is ready and in a reusable fashion.
  • Goldcast will train client and speakers using the final event template.
2 Rounds of revisions
Integrations Set Up
  • Work with one of our integration specialists to fully set up your desired connections to systems such as Hubspot, Marketo, Salesforce, Pardot, etc.
  • We’ll provide support in setting up a test of the integration(s) to assure correct functionality and for any troubleshooting needed.
  • 30 minutes leading up to your event and throughout the entire event our support team will provide live support via chat, open zoom-line, or email.
  • We do this for every single event that you do on the Goldcast platform.
Event Day
Ongoing Support
  • We’ll be with you all through your journey as a Goldcast customer.
  • This entails Monthly Updates for guidance on new features, QBRs to discuss fe edback and overall experience.
  • Customer support for all live events through zoom, chat or email.

Proven results from customers who made the switch

Attendance Rate
Time spent per event
SQLs and demo requests
Time saved every month
3 hrs

Hear from migrated On24 customers

Implementation Support
This is an image of Nina Butler, Director of Global Events Marketing at Alyce.

"We moved from On24 to Goldcast in 25 days thanks to flexibility and guidance from the Goldcast team. They acted like an extended team till our first event”

Jess Bahr
Increased attendance rate
This is an image of Nina Butler, Director of Global Events Marketing at Alyce.

We saw an increase in attendance rate by 10% within the first 2 events.

Janna Erickson
Video Production Capabilities
This is an image of Nina Butler, Director of Global Events Marketing at Alyce.

Video production capabilities really increased our engagement by 25% and helped us increase the SQL’s from our webinar program

Gurdeep Dhillon
Zuora logo.

If you’re a B2B marketer with these questions on your mind, Goldcast is the answer.

Attendee Experience

  • Why is our attendance rate so low?
  • How can we increase our audience engagement?
  • How do I create a modern branded experience?

Event Setup

  • Why is it so clunky to set up events?
  • Why do I have train speakers every time before an event?
  • How can I scale my events program?

Driving Pipeline

  • How can I help my sales teams with their target accounts?
  • How much pipeline am I generating and influencing from my digital events?

Attendee interface that reflects a modern B2B brand

Attendee interface that reflects a modern B2B brand

Easy onboarding, tech checks, slide share for speakers

Easy onboarding, tech checks, slide share for speakers

Simple to set up and run events

Customer support for all your webinars

Customer support for all your webinars

Customers choose Goldcast because of the end-to-end webinar experience

A simple, seamless process from set-up to execution to post-event.
Goldcast process lottie iamge
You get a one-stop solution to set up and run webinars, easy access to on-demand, and a microsite builder to simplify creation and registration for your webinar series.

G2 reviews: We are winning our customers trust through ease of use, customers support and product direction

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