An end-to-end platform for digital-first hybrid events

Built for B2B marketers to create event experiences that drive awareness, engagement, and revenue

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A powerful registration system that allows for in-person and virtual

On-site event management solutions

Sydney Sloan, former CMO of Salesloft.

It was a monumental day introducing our new brand! Goldcast allowed our thousands of customers to engage and connect more then they ever have before!!

Sydney Sloan

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Former CMO
Jeff Meltz, former

Presenting this week about organic social, reporting, and ROI was so much fun.Huge thanks to Goldcast for such a smooth presenting experience.

Jeff Meltz

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Former Manager, Social Media Marketing

An end-to-end platform for digital-first hybrid events

Built for B2B marketers to create event experiences that drive awareness, engagement, and revenue

For our annual Pure//Accelerate® conference, we brought our entire community in-person and virtually through Goldcast. It was amazing!

Layla Revis, VP, Head of Brand Experience, Pure Storage

Great B2B brands use Goldcast to scale their Hybrid Event program

A powerful registration system that allows for in-person and virtual

Drag and drop page builder to help you get on-brand registration pages to market quickly

Powerful forms with conditional logic to collect complex registration information at ease

Branded email sends and calendar holds to boost attendance

On-site event management solutions

Seamlessly check-in guests & print badges, capture real-time insights

Session level access management via handheld scanners to gather intent data

A shared space for in-person and virtual interactions

Gorgeous virtual experience to watch and interact with in-person content

Mobile web app for in-person and virtual attendee engagement

Bring your virtual audience to in-person stage for live Q&A

Virtual and in-person data integrated seamlessly into CRM

All your data in one place.

We provide support for all your events

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We provide 24/7 customer support

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Explore our all-in-one hybrid event software

Virtual or in-person? Why not both?

There’s no denying the power of in-person engagements. The ability to come together, share information and experiences, and connect with like-minded individuals can be hard to replicate in a virtual environment.

However, modern-day event marketers also have to recognize the growth of virtual events and experiences. The convenience and cost make virtual events extremely appealing for both hosts and attendees.

So how can you create experiences that work for multiple audiences and needs? Enter: hybrid events. Part in-person, part virtual, hybrid events are truly the future of B2B experiences.  

The best hybrid event software seamlessly combines all elements of the in-person and virtual experience into a single, easy-to-use platform. Event organizers should be able to manage registration, content streaming, audience engagement, and analytics in one single place versus logging into multiple tools. Easy, peasy.

Sound appealing? Keep reading to learn why Goldcast is the best hybrid event platform for B2B marketers.

Goldcast hybrid meeting solutions

Goldcast offers not only a platform for your hybrid event but additional tools to make sure it’s interactive, engaging, and 100% on-brand (your brand—not ours).

Start by adding personalized brand touches to your hybrid experiences like your own colors, logos, fonts, and even a snazzy buffer video to kick things off with a punch.

When thinking about your event sessions, re-create some of the in-person and networking magic for your virtual attendees with breakout rooms and booths. Other handy engagement features include live chat, live video Q&A, polls, 1:1 messaging, and even embedded apps like photo booths and games.

You can also easily stream in-person content to your virtual audience or virtual speakers to your in-person audience with Hybrid TV. Plus, you can easily upload slides, videos, and more for use during presentations.

Finally, keep track of event registrations, attendance, and engagement in real-time with a robust analytics dashboard. Plus, all of your handy event data won’t live in a silo. You can easily send data over to your favorite CRM or marketing automation platform to make it actionable for other teams.

Discover Goldcast, one event platform for all of your virtual and hybrid event needs.

Which type of virtual hybrid event Is your software best for?
Goldcast can support both virtual and hybrid events. Virtual events are fully digital with no in-person component. Hybrid events include both an in-person engagement and a virtual component. Goldcast offers the flexibility to manage both types of events seamlessly within a single platform.
Which organizations can benefit most from your hybrid event platform?
Goldcast’s hybrid event platform is purpose-built for revenue-driven marketers at B2B organizations. The specific tools available in our platform and our integration ecosystem with other marketing technology providers make us best for this specific niche.
How many attendees can you accommodate during a virtual hybrid event?
The Goldcast hybrid event platform is flexible enough to accommodate intimate gatherings and events of 10,000+ attendees.
Can I see how many people attended my hybrid event?
Yes. Goldcast’s virtual hybrid event software makes keeping track of attendee numbers easy yet discreet. See stats updated every 15 seconds by going to the top right corner of your event and clicking the ‘Profile’ button. The Profile button will have the organizer’s initials or photo in a black circle. This will prompt a dropdown menu: under ‘Event Information,’ you will find the total number of attendees and the session count. This data is available for all sessions, even if you are organizing multiple sessions simultaneously.
Does your hybrid meeting software offer interactive Q&A?
Yes. Goldcast’s hybrid event platform has a ‘Raise Hand’ feature that attendees can select. Organizers click ‘approve,’ and then the attendee can ask their questions in front of everyone with audio and video enabled. Organizers can enable and disable the Raise Hand feature at their discretion. This feature is for live and hybrid events.
Do you offer captions and subtitles during hybrid events?
Yes. Our Enterprise plan offers a hybrid event tool for both pre-recorded and live content to facilitate speech-to-text captions and translated subtitles. Captions reflect the speaker’s language. Subtitles are translated captions for different languages.
More questions?