Goldcast Field Events

One Platform for Your Digital and In-Person Events



Looking to host exclusive events? Use the waitlist feature to selectively grant access to a specific target audience. With Waitlist metrics, you can track attendee trends and plan future events accordingly.


Effortless attendee check-in

Easily check-in attendees with a QR code, assigning access to staff to manage it onsite directly at the event using any device.


Instant confirmation

Registrants get instant confirmation emails and calendar holds on registration, both of which contain a unique QR code, making it more accessible for attendees.


Attendance insights

Automatically sync attendance data to your CRM/MAP in real-time, removing frustrating manual work and reliability issues.


Manage registration

Use Goldcast’s registration page builder to create branded registration pages for your in-person and field events.

Real-Time Notifications On Slack

Get instant updates when attendees check-in at the venue.

Offline Check-Ins

Wifi issues? You can continue to check-in users and we will sync back the data once network connectivity is restored.


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