Goldcast Branding

Flexible branding tools to customize your event and make it truly yours. With Goldcast, you can brand every aspect of your event - from registration pages and emails to virtually all elements on the actual event.

My favorite thing about Goldcast is the customization on the back end. You can make every event feel different. Goldcast is in the 21st century. They know what marketers want.

Katie Dunn

Demand Generation Manager

Let’s take a look at how you can bring your brand to life with your Goldcats event -

Registration pages:

Twine logo.

The event experience starts way before your event! Having a branded registration page will let you create a great first impression with your prospects and customers. With Goldcast’s page builder, it’s super easy to create your registration pages and brand them according to your company.

Custom reminder emails:

Drift logo.

Custom reminder emails are great for increasing attendance rate - They’re even more effective when branded well.

Event Branding:

Engamio logo.

Bring your brand alive with colors, gradients, fonts and themes unique to your company. Branding is part of the event experience and is a surefire way to catch your prospect’s eye.

validar logo.

Snapbar logo.

webooth logo.

Interested In Creating Amazing Experiences For Your Attendees?