B2B Webinar Benchmark Report

We'll keep it real: Webinars are tricky, and sometimes it can be hard to know what makes them work (or not) 😬 Enter: our B2B Webinar Benchmark Report, chock-full of valuable insights you can put to work right away to improve your webinar content, attract more registrants and attendees, and increase engagement!

Everything You Need to Know About Webinars

Ahh, webinars. Love them or not, it's time to get to know them because they've demonstrated serious sticking power! Throughout the last couple of years, the Goldcast team has put on 100+ digital events. This report is a reflection of our deeper learnings from that process. In terms of data, we looked at 900+ webinars over 10 different B2B brands and teased out any trends we could find. The report covers when people are most likely to sign up for your webinars, what kind of promotional verbiage works best, and more. We believe there's information here that will aid and inform you as you move forward with your own content strategy. Here's just some of what you’ll learn:

You Might Not Want to use the Word "Webinar" in Your Titles

Interestingly, the word "webinar" may negatively affect the number of people who sign up for your event.

Wednesday Is the Best Day for Driving Attendance

A whopping 40% of attendees show up on Wednesdays, meaning this can be a convenient day for driving live attendance.

30-Minutes is the Sweet Spot for Attention and Engagement

Engagement really picks up around the quarter-hour mark of a webinar and continues to rise for a while after that.

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