HubSpot users, it’s time to use digital events to boost new meetings and revenue.

Goldcast’s HubSpot integration makes it easy.

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Bring HubSpot and Goldcast together and start using your event data to personalize your follow-ups, customize your lead scoring, and see exactly how your events are impacting your revenue.

  • Capture key account activity inside your events to improve lead scoring and attribution.
  • Launch targeted outreach campaigns to accelerate relevant conversations and make the most of every event.
  • Easily track the metrics that matter for real insight into event ROI and revenue.
Customers love using HubSpot and Goldcast together.

Setup takes six minutes. Watch this video for a quick look.

Yes, it really is that easy! In this step-by-step guide, we’ll show you how to easily send data straight from Goldcast into HubSpot to close the gaps in your marketing operations and see greater results with each campaign. Watch this video for a quick look and get the full details in the guide!

Make every event count.

Uplevel your event strategy with seamless workflow automations, simplified attribution, and list making made easy. Find out why Goldcast is a must for every HubSpot power user’s arsenal.

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