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Connect your Goldcast event to Marketo Programs and track event attendance, attendee interaction and engagement seamlessly.


  • Marketo Account
Connect App in EU Connect App

With the Goldcast and Marketo Integration, you can now track registrants and attendees and trigger workflows based on their interaction and engagement.

  • Sync Program Members and Event Users

When you connect a Goldcast event to an Adobe Marketo Exchange Program, you’ll be able to sync program members and event users.

You can now track the leads that are associated with your virtual event, without having to create any specialized Smart Campaigns!

  • Set up Easy breezy registrations

Want to use Marketo forms for registrations? With the Goldcast and Marketo integration, you can do just that, all while seamlessly sending registrants to Goldcast events and triggering confirmation emails with ‘magic links’ for your event.

  • Use attendee interaction to trigger flows and impact Lead Scoring

No more lost leads! Each action your Event Registrants take can be represented as Activities associated with your Marketo Leads.

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