Ready To Grow Your Career as an Event Marketer? 7 Benefits of Joining The Event Marketers Club

March 4, 2024

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Join 10,000 other marketers already getting the best tips on running engaging events that boost pipeline and create raving fans.

While you can certainly learn a lot on your own, sometimes you can turbocharge your growth by joining the right community. Mingling with talented peers, being inspired by the work of others, and having a safe place to ask questions and get feedback—all of these can help you develop yourself as an event marketer, far beyond what you could accomplish solo.

If you're thinking, "Sure, that sounds nice, but it also sounds too good to be true," we're about to blow your mind.

The perfect community for event marketers actually already exists, and it's called The Event Marketers Club.

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That's right. Goldcast's Event Marketers Club is designed specifically for B2B marketers who run events and webinars to drive revenue. We're an award-winning, inclusive community where you can bring your talents, share your story, get feedback on your ideas, and learn from other event rockstars.

Read on to learn some of the biggest benefits of joining The Event Marketers Club, like:

  • The Event Marketers Club is where you want to be
  • Why join The Event Marketers Club?
  • Benefit #1: Expand your network
  • Benefit #2: Promote your events and showcase your brand
  • Benefit #3: Collaborate and partner with others
  • Benefit #4: Access exclusive in-person and virtual events
  • Benefit #5: Discover event trends and best practices
  • Benefit #6: Get alllll the recommendations
  • Benefit #7: Find tips on repurposing content
  • Ready to join The Event Marketers Club?

The Event Marketers Club is where you want to be

A little over a year ago, the Goldcast team studied the event marketing landscape. We loved our work, and we wanted to talk about it with other people who also loved this work—but there wasn't a clear place to do that.

We wondered: Why isn't there an event marketer community where we can all get together and chat about best practices, work, and other topics?

Of course, it's always been possible to network during an event, but that's just not the same thing as having a dedicated space you can regularly pop into for information, collaboration, and support. 

So we created The Event Marketers Club—and wow, are we glad we did!

Today, we've got over 1K members spanning the globe. Members work in all different types of roles and industries, and they've got job titles running the gamut, from entry-level event marketers to seasoned executives.

We think The Event Marketers Club is truly something special. We know we're a bit biased, but it seems others would agree—in fact, we were a top three nominee for the 2024 CMX Community Awards!

Why join The Event Marketers Club?

No matter where you are in your event marketing journey, there's still so much to be learned. Things are always changing, and new trends are constantly emerging. That's what we love about the events world! And yet we know that it can be quite the challenge to keep up with the fast pace.

The Event Marketers Club is designed to help you stay on track.

It provides a place where you can soak up strategies, test your event ideas out with an expert audience, and level up in your career.

How Event Marketers Club is a valuable resource - Alex Adkins

Let's take a closer look at the many benefits of joining the club:

Benefit #1: Expand your network

With over 1K members scattered across the globe, you're bound to make some new friends.

You'll meet people who do the same type of work you do, and you'll meet others who work in much different capacities within the event world.

It's often said that your network is your net worth, and being able to add quality connections to your network via The Event Marketers Club just might be the #1 benefit of joining this event marketing community. Having so many marketers available to you means you'll benefit from hearing different POVs and learn about new topics and industries, which will help you in your own work.

And who knows? The connections you make today in the community might even lead to your next event marketing role. (On that note, there's even a dedicated #job-board channel where you can go when you're hiring for a role or looking for new work!)

Benefit #2: Promote your events and showcase your brand

As event marketers, we're always looking for more eyes on our events, and this group gives you a place to promote your upcoming events to boost registration and attendance. Even if a marketer isn't specifically interested in attending your event, they might know someone who is and pass it on.

You also strengthen your brand visibility within the channels when you actively share your events (and the results afterward) to let people know what you're up to. We have channels for trade shows, virtual events, field events, conferences, and other types of events. That way, the conversation remains focused around a singular type of event with many different examples.

Benefit #3: Collaborate and partner with others

Because you'll grow your network, you might meet people who you want to work with for future events. We've seen strong relationships grow out of this group and because there are so many talented event marketers involved, that means there are a ton of great potential speakers and event partners to choose from.

You can also take to the #partnerships channel if you've got a question about partnering with a company or brand, even if your partner isn't in the group. You can learn from other marketers what strategies they used to grow partnerships and then apply it to your own plans.

Benefit #4: Access exclusive in-person and virtual events

There are currently multiple city chapters hosting in-person and virtual events, which gives you the chance to meet colleagues in your geographic location! And, with new marketers constantly joining the community, we expect the number of city chapters to continue growing.

If your city doesn't have a city chapter yet, no worries—The Event Marketers Club also puts on exclusive virtual events you won't find anywhere else. Those events are just for this community, and they always offer valuable educational content and networking opportunities.

Benefit #5: Discover event trends and best practices

There are so many Slack channels to choose from in the group, and you're bound to learn something from each of them. Maybe you start by popping in the #follow-up channel to learn how people are following up with registrants after an event. Then, it's time to head over to #goals-reporting to learn about how folks are tracking and reporting on ROI metrics.

Or maybe you want to offer a swag item at your next event, but you're not sure how to decide between options. Join the #swag channel and browse through what people have done, and see if that stirs up any ideas!

That's just a small sample of the channels you're able to browse when you're part of the group. And if you don't see an answer you're looking for, ask!

The Event Marketers Club is an open community that encourages you to bring your questions. There's no judgment, ever. If you have a question, it's likely someone else does, too, so ask away and let's learn together.

Benefit #6: Get alllll the recommendations

Whether you're wondering about what technology to go with, where to host an event, which rental company to use, or something else—it's highly likely that another event marketer has the experience needed to give you a recommendation.

This can prove super valuable if you're looking to make a buying decision and you're unsure. Let's say you've talked with a vendor, and you think they'd be a good choice, but you can't find as much information out there on the web as you'd like. Ask the group! Someone else may have worked with that vendor and can give you the full rundown on what their experience was like, helping to guide your decision.

Benefit #7: Find tips on repurposing content

If you follow our blog, you know that we love repurposing content. It just makes sense that you would try to get as much runway as possible out of the event you worked so hard to pull off, and repurposing is how you do that.

Repurposing is such a big topic for us that—you guessed it—we gave it its very own Slack channel. That means there's a place you can go to check out what event marketers are doing with their existing content, and to ask questions about how you might repurpose something yourself.

(PS: Check out our Content Lab if you want an AI-powered solution to make the whole process much easier!)

Ready to join The Event Marketers Club?

The Event Marketers Club truly is unique. It's a place where event marketers can gather to connect, talk about all things events, promote their own events, stay on trend, and so much more.

If you're ready to sign up, we're ready to have you. See you in the Slack channels or at an IRL

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