How to Boost Conversions Across Webinars, Landing Pages, & More

December 20, 2023
Lindsay McGuire
Lindsay McGuire
Associate Director of Content and Campaigns at Goldcast

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Want to play marketing bingo? Get your card ready and put a chip down for every time you've heard the following:

“How do we boost conversions?”

“Is there a way to optimize conversions on this page?”

“We need to generate more leads from this content.”

Counting your free space, it’s quite possible you’re one away from bingo! But jokes aside, most marketers have felt the pain of launching a campaign and not getting the conversions they expected from it. From paid ads and landing pages to webinars and email newsletters, there are likely a few campaigns that could use some conversion optimization love in your portfolio.

Luckily for you, we recently hosted two marketing pros who know a thing or two about boosting conversions on our Donuts & Demand series, the show built for demand generation marketers. Here’s just a few of the conversion optimization tips shared by Brandon Hufford, Founder of Growth Sprints and Joyce Chuang, Senior Director, North America Marketing at DocuSign.

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Test Everything

It’s something many marketers have in the back of their mind, but don’t execute on enough: testing! Joyce is a huge proponent of testing everything to figure out what has the greatest impact on boosting conversions.

“I think regardless of what company you're at and the company size, I think that's something that all demand marketers should have at our core,” said Joyce. “You take something, you test it, you experiment. If it works, you optimize it and you just continue to iterate.”

So what exactly should you be testing? Well, the possibilities are pretty endless, but here are a few areas Joyce recommends:

  • Email subject lines
  • Landing page layouts
  • Header styles, such as using a still image vs a video
  • Page copy length, tone, and/or format
  • Form fields and language

And don’t think you need to invest in a bunch of fancy tools to start testing. “I think we're a perfect example of, you know, you don't necessarily need a ton of tools to be able to do that,” remarked Joyce.

She recommends looking at your current toolset and investigating whether they have built-in testing tools already. Your email platform and landing page tool likely have A/B testing capabilities.

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Create a Better Premise and Conversions Will Follow

Brendan has a pretty bold claim that a lot of brand marketers and copywriters can probably get behind: Your premise has the most impact on conversions.

What exactly does he mean by this? Here’s what he has to say:

For Brendan, too much of marketing is basically commodity content. A majority of it looks and sounds the same, which means it doesn’t stand out and your audience sees no reason to engage. Developing a strong, unique premise can skyrocket your conversions because it grabs attention and makes your brand stand out.

“Because it's unique and because it's uniquely valuable, conversions are much higher than if I was like, sign up for my email newsletter where I'll tell you how to put keywords in your header tags,” explained Brendan.

Speaking of premise… If you’re wondering how to create stronger premises for your campaigns, series, or shows, check out our Series Masterclass episode Creating Your First Series: A Roadmap for Success. You’ll walk away knowing exactly how to create a strong premise that will capture attention and build an audience.

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Try Adding a Video to Webinar Landing Pages

We love it when a Donuts & Demand guest comes to the show with a real-life example to share. Joyce came prepared with her story of how DocuSign boosted conversions for one of their webinar series.

As mentioned above, the key came down to testing. The team was beginning to see conversions drop on their webinar landing page, so they got to work on ideating things they could test on the registration page.

One test they ran that had a quick and clear impact was adding a short promotional video to the webinar landing page. “We put a short video snippet of what we were going to promote during our webinar. It was a very short thirty second overview highlight and it worked really well to help us boost conversions,” shared Joyce.

Feel free to test a variety of videos to see which kind resonates the most with your audience. Here are a few ideas to test:

1. Speaker invite: Ask the speaker(s) for the upcoming webinar to create a short thirty-second clip explaining what attendees can expect. They can then use this in their own promotions as well!

2. Past webinar recap: If you’re running a series, you have plenty of content to snip and pull together to give those on the webinar landing page a taste of what is to come. You could even use Content Lab to easily pull those clips.

3. Promotional ad: Already creating ads for your webinar or series to use across social media or paid? Repurpose them on the webinar landing page!

4. Something creative (or even silly): As Brendan pointed out throughout the episode, what’s most important is capturing attention and standing out from the crowd. Consider adding a video that’s a little bit fun, silly, or out of the box, like Joyce’s example above with the winter weather wear.

Here’s an example of how you could tie tips 1, 3, and 4 together into a single video. Thanks Travis Tyler for this exceptional example that highlights our Series Masterclass! He spoke on our class 4, How to Keep a Series Going Growing & Thriving.

Identify the Right Language to Use

Using language that highly resonates with your target audience is a key way to boost conversions across any marketing campaign, channel, or tactic. Understanding the exact phrases, topics, and problems that matter to you prospects and customers can radically boost conversions.

Brendan is a big proponent of creating content IP, which is a way to bring together the right terms and phrases with a unique selling proposition that makes your brand stand out. “When you give people those words for the problems they have, trust goes way up.

The solution becomes a little bit more relevant,” he shared.

Landing on the best language will take time, testing, and research, but it’s well worth the effort. Once you identify the right language to use, you’ll likely see a lift in conversions across a majority of your campaigns and assets.

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How Do You Plan to Boost Conversions in 2024?

Joyce and Brendan gave us some great insights into how to boost conversions across webinars, landing pages, and more. Which strategies will you implement in 2024? Join us on an upcoming episode of Donuts & Demand to share! The chat is always on fire and you’ll get time to ask questions to speakers as well.

The conversion tips above are only a sprinkling of wisdom shared by Joyce and Brendan. If you want to catch the entire episode, you can watch it here.

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