Goldcast Launches AI Content Lab to Revolutionize Video Content for B2B Marketers

March 11, 2024

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Today, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of our new standalone product, Content Lab, an AI product that helps B2B marketers accelerate and optimize the content repurposing process using any long form video as input. Upload video assets like event recordings, customer interviews, or product demos and turn them into multi-channel content quicker and cheaper than ever before.

At Goldcast we have always believed in digital events being a great channel for using live video to create engagement at scale. And the video content from events are authentic, conversational and super interactive. This latest launch represents our ongoing commitment to helping marketers get more out of the video content they work so hard to create. It also signals a significant milestone in our growth as a company.

In this article, we sit down with Goldcast Co-founder & CEO, Palash Soni, to learn his vision for the future, the latest trends impacting marketing teams, and how Content Lab will play a key role in a video-first marketing landscape.

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Our bet on video content

“If we look at the evolution of B2B marketing channels in the last 10 years, it’s clear that what used to work before doesn't work anymore. Ads, outbound, and SEO aren’t enough to drive the kind of growth marketers are looking for, especially in today's world when the pressure to be efficient is high,” says Palash.

From Netflix to TikTok, consumers want content they can easily engage with and get value from. It has to be fast. It has to be fresh. And often, it has to be video.

“Therein lies the challenge for marketers. In today's age, you’re only as relevant as your last ad, asset, or campaign,” Palash explains. “Whether you’re targeting B2B or B2C, ultimately, your targets are human. And like any consumer audience, they don't care whether you’re a B2B or B2C brand. For them, it’s all content.”

Consumers want binge-worthy content that’s well-produced and expertly formatted for their favorite channels. But handling video content isn’t easy. Implementing a video-driven strategy has historically been challenging, expensive, and intimidating. Even with new tools, you still need to know how to produce, record, and edit for a high quality end result.

“It's very easy to just generate a mass amount of content. But doing content well and doing it repeatedly again and again at a high pace—that’s the fundamental productivity challenge for marketers right now. And that problem becomes exponentially higher when you talk about video. That’s why products like Content Lab are important. They help you stay relevant and maintain velocity, without sacrificing quality,” says Palash.

How content lab help in video repurposing - Palash Soni

From digital events to multiproduct

With the introduction of AI-powered Content Lab, Goldcast will be uniquely positioned to play a key role in how marketers create, repurpose, and measure content as we move swiftly into a video-first future.

“Digital events are just as much content as they are events. A marketing team comes together and puts a lot of work into creating an event. It’s an exercise in strategy, in operations, and at the end of it, you get a video asset. But we can’t expect today’s consumers to spend an hour watching a recording,” says Palash.

Getting more out of the strategic assets you’ve already created is key to doing more with less, while keeping content quality high.

“Content Lab is the next logical product for Goldcast because it is so valuable to our customers, who are putting their souls into creating video content and need a better way to repurpose and get the most value out of it. With Content Lab, we empower them to generate the brand-building, momentum, and pipeline that content is supposed to generate, but now it can live on long after the content has been created,” he explains.

Beyond what Content Lab can do for marketers, this launch is also exciting because it signals Goldcast’s transformation from a digital events platform to a multi-product company.

“This is an important decision for us because it means we are going purely by what the market wants,” explains Palash. “Our mission is to make video the centerpiece of the marketing machine and help marketers do it at a high quality and at the most efficient cost, so that they can build a brand, create impact, and generate pipeline from those efforts. That is at the heart of our strategy at Goldcast.”

How Content Lab is centrepeice of the Marketing Machine

How Content Lab works for you

Content Lab helps marketers transform video input into other assets that can be consumed across a variety of channels. Marketers can use events, webinars, customer testimonials, or any other type of video as their input and transform it into clips for social media, podcast promos, blog posts, and more.

“Anything that a marketing team can create can be derived from that initial video asset. That’s what Content Lab does best. It helps marketers do what would have taken thousands of dollars and weeks to do, in a matter of minutes and at effectively no cost,” explains Palash.

Here are some of the things that make Content Lab different:

  • A truly multi-modal product. Content Lab isn’t just a video repurposing product. It’s a content repurposing product. Users can generate both video and text output as needed to accelerate speed to repurposing.
  • Full control over output. With most products, users can either: relinquish their control and let AI generate clips. Or, they can create content manually to control output, while sacrificing the time-saving benefits of AI. Content Lab helps you do both. You can use AI to auto-generate clips or maintain full control by creating your own clips and editing the output the way you want.
  • Quality-first repurposing. Video generated on Goldcast’s event platform is high-fidelity and comes with deep context that simply isn’t found in other tools. From your audience profile to your most engaging sessions, Content Lab finetunes AI models for outputs that are 10X better than with other products.

Content Lab uses a combination of GPT and GPT-like Large Language Models (LLMs) to deliver best-in-class outputs and it has been specifically trained to consume transcript content effectively.

“With Content Lab, you can repurpose any long form video. For many of our customers, the event recordings are generated on Goldcast, so the output is far better because we have access to the raw speaker feeds in extremely high fidelity and quality. We also know what the event was about and where the engagement happened. We use all of that to train our AI models so that the output is 10X better, both for text and video,” says Palash.

And it’s just the beginning. With strong semantic search features and retrieval augmented generation (RAG) to deliver highly contextual output, future users will be able to search Content Lab’s video library with specific queries like, “Give me five times where my CEO spoke about the vision of the company,” and immediately get multiple clips to creatively mix and optimize using video, audio and text.

It all starts now

When Palash and the team founded Goldcast, the mission was to help B2B marketers deliver immersive, measurable brand experiences through digital events. But today marks the start of a new era.

Since the early days, we’ve been big believers in the idea that every company should behave like a media company. With Content Lab, marketers finally have a powerful tool to help them live that philosophy—delivering quality content at a faster pace and a fraction of the cost.

“I’m excited to see Content Lab evolve into a source of intelligence for the marketing team. With a powerful video content repurposing system, they can run intelligent campaigns in their language and do them faster, better and more effectively than brands that have yet to find their rhythm with hyped up AI tools,” says Palash.

And it all starts right now. Join the mission to deliver the high-quality, high-velocity content consumers crave. Try Content Lab today.

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