Drive prospect meetings in-event with the Goldcast + Drift integration

May 4, 2023
Meisha Bochicchio
Meisha Bochicchio
Senior Content Marketing Manager at Goldcast

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Creating an event experience that gives an "aha😍" moment is top of mind for all B2B brands. But event and demand gen marketers often complain that there is little personalization for each event attendee in the digital era. Prospects and customers too feel like they’re merely staring at a screen and aren’t truly being engaged with.

When attendees are unimpressed, it's bad for business. It -

👉 Reflects poorly on your brand

👉 Gets little to no ROI

👉 Radically reduces pipeline opportunities

You wouldn't want lost opps in the form of less prospect meetings and fewer SQL conversions 👎

Let's say you have 10-15 key accounts in attendance. As a marketer, you can DM each attendee personally. But what if there are 200 of them? How do you then scale that personalization? What if 100 of the 200 attendees ask a question and you can’t address them meaningfully? 😐

The solution - Conversational Sales and Marketing to the rescue! 🦸

Conversational Sales and Marketing is premised on the simple idea that B2B buyers want to have two-way conversations with brands and engage in real-time to resolve their issues instantly. Most companies use live chat or a chat bot on their website to ensure that buyers have the fast, easy and personalized buyer experience.

That’s why we’re super excited to bring this conversational approach to Goldcast by teaming up with Drift, the market leader in this space! With Drift+Goldcast, you can now scale in-event personalized engagement with your prospects and customers, anytime and anywhere in the world they are watching.

Just a few clicks and voila! You can now -

- Double down on identifying prospects

- Personalize your engagement with them using Drift's conversational bots within Goldcast

- AND ultimately get them to book a meeting with your sales teamAn ABM experience in the true sense, and a great way to convert high intent leads into pipeline from the events.

The results so far with Goldcast + Drift integration have been incredible. Our customers have already booked double digit meetings with prospects through their events and are delivering significant value to stakeholders in Sales.

All our customers can access the integration set up on Goldcast help.

Check out the Drift Bot in action at the RevGrowth summit -

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