Celebrating Event Marketers: 2022 Goldcast Customer Awards Recap

July 13, 2022
Reagan Hochmeister
Reagan Hochmeister
Community Growth at Goldcast

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What do you get when you combine hundreds of customers, sixteen stellar nominees, and six big winners? One exciting night to remember! 🌟

Our customers are truly the best and brightest when it comes to innovative event programming, and we had the pleasure of celebrating them and their achievements at our First Annual Customer Awards in sunny San Francisco.

From large virtual conferences with thousands of attendees to intimate field events with creative entertainment and engagement, we highlighted events of all shapes and sizes making an impact in B2B marketing.

Enjoy this quick highlight video, and scope out our full list of winners!

Award 1: The Goldcaster

This award went to the individual who our Customer Success team nominated for their incredible effort, creativity, and passion. This individual is someone who uses Goldcast to its fullest potential, is an advocate of the platform, and is an all-around star in the event marketing field.

Our exceptional list of nominees included:

Winner: Mandy Darnell

Mandy Darnell is the Director of Event Marketing at Starburst, a data access and analytics platform. She began her career in non-profits and quickly fell in love with running events. After pivoting into tech and growing her event and field marketing chops, Mandy was proud to be the second marketing hire at Starburst.

Mandy currently owns all event programming at Starburst and has quickly scaled the team to run more than 50 events per year. Datanova is the company’s cornerstone event, and 2022’s summit boasted more than 5,700 registrants and over 2,500 attendees.

✨ Mandy was also named a Top Event Marketer to watch in 2022!

Award 2: Best Webinar Series

To be eligible for nomination, the team must have hosted a webinar series occurring weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. We considered the event look and feel, engagement, attendance rate, the complexity of execution, use of platform features, and more.

Nominees for the best webinar series included:

Winner: Coherent

Coherent is a world-leading manufacturer of photonics solutions. A leader for more than 50 years, Coherent is revolutionizing manufacturing processes by slashing time-to-market and dramatically lowering operational costs from automotive to academic to medical.

Coherent hosts an impressive amount of events, including in-depth webinar series designed to educate their tech-savvy audience.

✨ Gabriela Melak from Coherent was also named a Top Event Marketer to watch in 2022!

Award 3: Best Customer Event

To be eligible for nomination, the team must have hosted a customer event on the Goldcast platform. We considered the event look and feel, engagement, attendance rate, the complexity of execution, use of platform features, and more.

Nominees for the best customer event included:

Winner: Metadata.io with DEMAND 2021

Metadata is an automation platform that eliminates technical, mundane, and repetitive tasks through AI so B2B marketers can focus on strategy and creativity. Their handy tools include precise audience targeting, campaign automation, campaign experimentation, lead enrichment, campaign optimization, and more.

An innovative product pushing the boundaries of what scrappy B2B marketing teams can accomplish, Metadata hosted a truly one-of-a-kind customer event—DEMAND.

The team at Metadata approached their event by first considering the type of event they’d want to attend themselves (how Meta!). Their research and creativity paid off! DEMAND was a smashing success starting with the pre-event promo that went viral on LinkedIn all the way through the thoughtful post-event follow-up.

✨ Mark Huber from Metadata was also named a Top Event Marketer to watch in 2022!

Award 4: Most Creative Engagement at an Event

This award went to the team that did something out-of-the-box to engage with event attendees. Examples included (but were not limited to): raffles, chat fun, arcades, and more.

Nominees for the most creative event engagement included:

Winner: Salesloft

Salesloft automates the manual tasks that hold you back and gives you the next best action to propel deals forward. No more missed quotas, fuzzy forecasts, or time wasted on dead-end opportunities. Salesloft helps teams close more deals by aligning revenue teams in one comprehensive platform with the most important tools and integrations for digital selling.

Salesloft wow-ed their attendees and generated tons of buzz with their snazzy photo booth. They embedded SnapBar into their event and encouraged folks to pop in for a new headshot. The photo booth was a hit, and Salesloft photos flooded LinkedIn during the event.

✨ Jennifer Cummings from Salesloft was also named a Top Event Marketer to watch in 2022!

Award 5: Most Attendees at a Single Event

This award was presented to the company that had the most attendees at a single event on Goldcast!

Winner: ThoughtSpot with 2,827 attendees at Beyond 2021

ThoughtSpot empowers everyone to create, consume, and operationalize data-driven insights. Its consumer-grade search and AI technology deliver true self-service analytics that anyone can use, while its developer-friendly platform ThoughtSpot Everywhere makes it easy to build interactive data apps that integrate with existing cloud ecosystems.

ThoughtSpot’s cornerstone event, Beyond, was all digital in 2021—but that didn’t keep the crowds away. The virtual experience included a compelling keynote from Cindi Howson, Chief Data Strategy Officer, a first look at a new live analytics product, secrets shared on high-performing IT teams, and much more. Over 2,500 attendees tuned in for Beyond 2021!

Award 6: Best Guest Entertainment at an Event

Our team selected three of the “most entertaining” moments that Goldcast has seen—events that went above and beyond to amaze and engage their guests. We opened up voting to the public, and Bloomreach received the most votes!

Nominees for the best guest entertainment included:

Winner: Bloomreach - Coffee Barista

Bloomreach believes that transformative commerce is fueled by personalization — content and products put in front of the right customer, at the right time. Bloomreach enables that level of personalization by combining the power of unified customer and product data with the speed and scale of AI-optimization, helping your brand deliver customer journeys so personalized, they feel like magic.

Bloomreach extended the power of personalization to their annual event. Guests were delighted with curated concoctions and latte art by Agnieszka Rojewska, an award-winning barista. This experiential entertainment was a huge hit—caffeine FTW!

Huge congratulations to all of our amazing winners! 👏🏽

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