One Digital Events Platform, Multiple B2B Use Cases

Goldcast is built for B2B marketers to host events of all sizes and types, from intimate fireside chats and webinars to full-blown virtual and hybrid events. 

Explore how top B2B companies are using Goldcast across multiple teams 👇


Webinars are a great way to build brand awareness and educate your audience. That’s why Alyce hosts their monthly webinars on Goldcast to elevate their experience and collect all the right engagement insights in Marketo/Salesforce.

nina butler img.
Nina Butler
alyce logo.
Sr. Director, Revenue Marketing

“Goldcast is the backbone of our entire webinar program. Webinars are our second highest pipeline generating channel.”

Product Demos

Today, buyers expect to see product demos on their own schedule without the pressure of a sales call. Amplitude hosts monthly product demos on Goldcast in an interactive Q&A format. Sales teams use the post-event data to personally reach out to the prospects and build relationships.

regina soller Gould of Amplitude.
Regina Soller-Gould
Amplitude logo.
VP Marketing

“We immediately saw a 15% increase in our attendance rates. Our product demos are super interactive now, thanks to Goldcast.”

Virtual summits

Quarterly company summits are a fantastic way to bring prospects and customers together on various milestones. Drift and Salesloft host these summits on Goldcast to announce product updates, share customer success stories, and showcase thought leadership.

Sara lieber, event marketing manager at Drift.
Sara Lieber
Event Marketing Manager

“At Drift, every experience matters. That’s why we moved all of our digital events to Goldcast. We beat our pipeline goals by 3x. And our SQLs went up by 20%!”

Product Launches

Product launches can fizzle out if not done thoughtfully. That’s why Attentive uses Goldcast to create a lot of excitement with its product launches. They mix technical content with entertainment by having a DJ, including gamification elements, and creating an on-demand hub with all relevant content.

Natalia Rybicka, Senior Director, event marketing at attentive.
Natalia Rybicka
Attentive logo.
Senior Director, Event Marketing

“We wanted to do something different for our product launches, something that no one in our industry did. The Goldcast experience was gorgeous and very memorable.”

Community Events

Starburst logo.
Github logo.

Starburst and Github host global events for their developer community. They use Goldcast’s language translation, captioning, and subtitles to improve accessibility. They also use small breakout rooms to connect community members.

Aji Jimenez, Developer Programs Advocate at Github.
AJ Jimenez
Github logo.
Developer Programs Advocate

“We saw a 25% increase in time spent in our events from our community members. And our sales teams see all event engagement activities right inside our CRM post-event.”

User Conferences

Thoughtspot logo.
Amperity logo.

Thoughtspot and Amperity used Goldcast’s video production tools to deliver their content-heavy conference with a TV-quality experience. They also used sponsor hubs to showcase their many partners throughout the event.

Risa peterson.
Risa Peterson
Thoughtspot logo.
Head of Event & Field Marketing

“Post-event attendee feedback from our 2,000+ attendees was 4.8/5. The video production was top notch.”

Hybrid Events

Many companies want to live stream an in-person event to virtual attendees to expand their audience reach and offer a more inclusive event. Riverbed used Goldcast to host their hybrid event so in-person and virtual audiences could interact in a shared experience.

Subbu Iyer, previously CMO at riverbed.
Subbu Iyer
Riverbed logo.
previously CMO

“We had a small, intimate in-person event with most of our customers joining virtually. Goldcast powered everything from check-in and badging to live streaming the event, and the whole experience was seamless.”

High-touch field events

Digital field events are a great way to influence pipeline in the remote world. Companies use Goldcast to host high-touch events with key prospects, including wine tastings, cooking classes, chocolate making, and many more.

Sara moll, CEO at Vinsocial.
Sara Moll
Vinsocial logo.

“Goldcast creates an incredible experience for high-touch wine tasting events with target accounts. Our best ROI event program so far!”

Company Kickoffs

It’s very rare that all employees are in the same place given today’s remote-friendly work environment. That’s why Toast used Goldcast to host their multi-day, multi-track company kick-off to improve communication and employee engagement.

Michael Powers, Director of Employee Experiences at Toast.
Michael Powers
Toast logo.
Director of Employee Experiences

“We have a special culture at Toast, and we are always looking for unique ways to bring our employees together. Goldcast helps us do that.”

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