Demand Generation Compensation Report

Find out what demand gen marketers earn.

We're excited to unveil the results of our first-ever Demand Generation Compensation Report*!

*This report was previously called the Event Marketing Compensation Report, but we've expanded its scope as we recognize that many event marketers work in Demand Generation within their orgs.

Our original goal in creating this report was to shed more light on industry standards around pay and compensation.

Demand generation marketing is still a relatively newish career in the grand scheme of things, and information around pay in any industry can be somewhat opaque.

For the last three years, with the help of demand gen and event marketers across the world, we've been increasing transparency so that everyone in the industry knows what a fair wage should look like.

Knowledge is power, and we want all marketers to feel capable of negotiating and earning a good living!

Demand Generation Report

Read the full report to learn:

The average demand gen marketer's salary

How layoffs affect future salaries

Whether WFH = more money in your pocket

How bonus payments are structured

…and more!

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