Embedded Apps

If attendees snooze, you lose! Chats, polls, Q&A, GIFs, and networking roundtables do a fantastic job in engaging attendees if used effectively But if you want to go the extra mile and provide more opportunities for your attendees to participate, you’ll find inspiration in these embeddable features on Goldcast.

Goldcast allowed our thousands of customers to engage and connect more then they ever have before!!

Sydney Sloan

Fr. CMO Salesloft

Whether you’re looking for a photo booth, a game of Tetris, or speed networking, there’s an activity for every event.

Speed Networking

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Attendees are matched for 1-on-1 or small group timed conversations that are guided by meaningful, thought-provoking questions.

Conversational Marketing

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Interact with Event Users by asking a series of predefined questions that you've set up in your Drift account. These can be used for gauging interest, scheduling product demos, and signing up for future newsletters.

Interactive games

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Integrate fun engagers such as an Interactive Map, Picture Puzzle, Selfie Booth and Word Search. These are fully customizable based on the theme of your event.

Leaderboard Gamification

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Gamify your events by using a points system and leaderboard and also send event surveys to your attendees. Incentivizing people for attending sessions is a fun way to keep them engaged while also driving attendance. 


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Spark creative, user-generated content while engaging and interacting with your audience. Embed the photo booth platform as a tab on Goldcast and create virtual photo booths, hybrid photo booths, and photo mosaics for your events.

Multiplayer games

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We love personalized event experiences. You can have your attendees interact together in real-time and create shareable content with various games. Goldcast embeds include collaborative multi-user photo booths with custom backgrounds, animated stickers, multi-user games including Trivia Time, Memory Match, Tetris, where players can compete individually or in groups.

Games and puzzles

Drimify games are flexible and fully customizable. They use a branded interface to fully immerse your audience in an interactive experience. Easily design your game and launch within minutes - Interactive quizzes, slot machines, wheel of fortune, connect four, Pacman, and so many more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the event dashboard in Goldcast?
You can access the "Analytics" section for each event to gain in-depth analytics and insights. Additionally, the "Reports" section contains cross-event reporting and ROI reporting for an overview of the performance metrics for all your events.
Why is it important to track event analytics?

Tracking event analytics is important for several reasons:

  • Performance evaluation: Event analytics track attendance, engagement, and overall success. Organizers can assess marketing strategies, content selection, and event experience by tracking registrations and attendee feedback. This helps identify strengths and weaknesses to improve future events.
  • ROI: Events require significant investments in terms of time, money, and resources. Tracking event analytics allows organizers to measure the ROI and determine if the event generated the desired outcomes.

Real-time decision-making: Real-time event analytics allow organizers to make data-driven decisions during the event. They can adjust sessions or activities that are not attracting enough attendees, redirect resources, or introduce new incentives to enhance engagement. This agility and responsiveness ensures a better experience for attendees.

What pre-event metrics can you track in Goldcast’s event dashboard?
You can track daily registration count, registration by company and domain, and title of registrants.
How does Goldcast track event engagement?
Goldcast tracks event engagement through a variety of browser based and non-browser based tools.
What post-event metrics can you track in Goldcast’s event dashboard?
As an event organizer, tracking a variety of metrics such as event attendance, session attendance, and time spent can help you measure the success of your event. You can use this data to compare  performance with other events. Additionally, you can utilize data on how attendees responded to calls to action, polls, Q&A, and chats to power follow-up activities after the event.
How can you measure event ROI?
Event organizers who want to understand their program's performance and get the most out of it place a lot of emphasis on their event's ROI and want to measure it effectively. Goldcast's ROI dashboard enables organizers to comprehend their event strategy's performance through pipeline and revenue contribution metrics. Additionally, this dashboard can help AEs/BDRs gain better visibility into how their target accounts engage in events.
What CRM platforms can the event dashboard integrate with?
Currently we have active and fully supported integrations with Salesforce, Hubspot, Marketo & Pardot. Events ROI Dashboard needs an integration with Salesforce via our managed package.

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