Custom Domains

Custom domains are an additional way to make sure every aspect of the event reflects your brand.

Goldcast is in the 21st century. They’re on the leading edge of what marketers want. My favorite thing is the customization on the back end. You can make every event feel different.

Katie Dunn

Demand Generation Manager

Here are some ways to you can use custom domains on Goldcast

Custom Registration Page Domain

Twine logo.

If you are using the Goldcast registration page builder, the entire URL can be customized to your brand.

Custom Event Domain:

Drift logo.

Your event URL can also be customized according to your company.

Custom Email Domain

Engamio logo.

All emails sent to registrants from Goldcast are sent from by default. However, with this feature, you can set any email address of your domain to send registration/reminder notifications for all your events.

validar logo.

Snapbar logo.

webooth logo.

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