Drive pipeline, simplify reporting, and get more ROI from your events. Goldcast’s Salesforce and Pardot integration does it all.

Transform your event strategy and leverage data like never before.

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With Salesforce, Pardot, and Goldcast, you can use your events to personalize your follow-ups, accelerate speed to lead, and prove your ROI.

  • View key account activity inside your events for faster, personalized follow-up.
  • Prove the impact of your events on pipeline and revenue.
  • Use Salesforce as your single source of truth for reporting and attribution.
Customers love using Salesforce and Goldcast together.

Set up is fast and easy. Here’s how it’s done.

In this step-by-step guide, we’ll show you how to easily send data straight from Goldcast into Salesforce to close the gaps in your marketing operations and see greater results with each campaign. Setup takes only eight minutes. Watch this video for a quick look and get the full details in the guide!

Get real ROI from your events.

Your digital events have a big impact on pipeline. Now you can prove it. Elevate your follow-up, achieve faster speed to lead, and deliver clear ROI with your events through the power of Goldcast’s native Salesforce and Pardot integration.

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