Make every event count. Goldcast’s Marketo integration helps you drive targeted follow-up and ROI.

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With Marketo + Goldcast, you can easily clone your events, personalize your follow-ups, and prove your ROI. Supercharge your marketing efficiency and put your event data to work.

  • Segment contacts based on interaction and engagement.
  • Send personalized follow-ups in less time.
  • Incorporate events into your lead scoring and attribution.
Customers love using Marketo and Goldcast together.

Better operations in just a few steps.

In this step-by-step guide, we’ll show you how to easily send data straight from Goldcast into Marketo to close the gaps in your marketing operations and see greater results with each campaign. Setup takes only eight minutes. Watch this video for a quick look and get the full details in the guide!

A targeted experience for every contact.

Track registrations. Trigger automated workflows. Personalize your follow-ups. Goldcast’s native Marketo integration gives you the workflows you need to amplify and measure the real impact of your events.

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