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Slack + Salesforce

Slack + Salesforce

Get your Goldcast Event-related notifications in your Slack Workspace


  • Salesforce Account
  • Slack Account
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Stay ahead with Goldcast's Slack + Salesforce Integration, designed to keep your Sales Teams in the loop with real-time alerts on Slack for every event registration and attendance. Empower your team with personalized notifications enriched with relevant Salesforce data, offering immediate insights into attendee engagement through our Post Event Attendee Summary.

Add a personal touch to notifications to guide your team's actions effectively for follow-ups, etc. With granular control over notifications, you can decide who receives alerts and for which actions, giving you ultimate flexibility.

Empower your sales team to make the most of this data, promoting immediate engagement with prospects during events and facilitating timely follow-ups afterward. With Goldcast, harness the power of actionable insights to elevate your event strategy and drive tangible results.

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