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Salesforce Pardot

Salesforce Pardot

Connect your Goldcast event to Pardot and easily sync registrant data to and from Pardot.


  • Salesforce Pardot Account
  • Pardot Segmentatino Lists
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  • Import Prospects into Goldcast

With the Pardot integration, you can quickly import and sync Pardot prospects from your Segmentation Lists into Goldcast as event registrants for your events.

  • Export Registrants from Goldcast to Pardot

You can also export the registrants for your events to segregate into different Segmentation Lists in Pardot based on various actions like Attendance, Demo Request, No Shows, etc.

  • Prospect Field Mapping in Pardot

With this features, you get the ability to map your Standard fields in Goldcast Registration forms to Prospect fields in Pardot. You can now easily sync registration data from Goldcast to Pardot without any manual workarounds. You can use this data to further segregate the prospects and add it to various Segmentation Lists, trigger Pardot emails with Goldcast data like magic links, UTMs, etc. or use it to configure your Automation Rules in Pardot to take actions based off this data.

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