Drive qualified pipeline through engaging experiences for prospects and customers

Add fuel to your demand gen engine and hit your MQL targets.


Leading technology companies trust Goldcast


I love using Goldcast for our webinars, events and hybrid events because it offers seamless, user-friendly features that make hosting and attending a breeze, while providing excellent support and interactive tools to engage the audience effectively. It's the perfect platform to elevate online events.

Sabrina Pallazola

Sr. Digital Programs Specialist
Sabrina Pallazola

Loved by fast-growing software companies

Increase in attendance
Increase in demo requests
Increase in SQLs
Pipeline influenced through events

Add fuel to your demand gen engine

Drive MQLs by creating engaging digital experiences that create awareness among your prospects and customers. Goldcast allows you to scale your events program right from simple webinars to large user conferences and hybrid events.

Augment your ABM strategy

Empower your sales teams with the insight they need for timely and relevant target account follow-ups. Sync attendee insights (16+ data points) across your tech stack, including Slack, HubSpot, Salesforce, Marketo, and more.

Customer marketing for better retention

Educate your customers by sharing best practices through engaging onboarding and thought leadership sessions. Easily track customer engagement and help your customer success teams drive product adoption.

Enable your partner ecosystem

Enable your partners through product training, feature updates, and industry best practices through interactive Q&A sessions. Easily store your events on-demand via content hubs for convenient access at any time.

A beautiful Netflix-like experience that creates a “wow” factor


16+ unique data points about target account engagement


Content hubs for on-demand consumption


Powerful CRM and marketing integrations to power timely follow-ups


“We moved to Goldcast in 25 days thanks to flexibility and guidance from the Goldcast team. They acted like an extended team till our first event”

Jess Bahr

Jess Bahr

Former Senior Director, Demand Generation at Movable Ink

“Our customers were amazed by our thought leadership series, thanks to Goldcast!”

Amanda Elam

Amanda Elam

Amanda (Cole) Elam CMO

“Goldcast was super easy to use compared to other platforms for both our employees as well as our guest speakers”

Davi Schmidt

Davi Schmidt

Demand Generation Director at SnapLogic

“Our MQL goals saw an increase of 20% through Goldcast's video production capabilities. The experience was super engaging and very modern!”

Laura Lilley

Laura Lilley

Global Experiential Marketing & Events at Hootsuite

“Creating our virtual events with Goldcast is SOOO much better than how we were doing things on Zoom. Our events are quick and efficient to create, the interactive elements are engaging for our audience and fun for us to see, sign ups are easy and connect well to Pardot, and the auto emails with calendar links are a huge time saver.”

Tori Braunston

Tori Braunston

Marketing Manager, Demand Generation

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