Transform Events. Elevate Engagement. Drive Revenue.

You can turn events into a top revenue driving channel without sacrificing creativity or running your team ragged. Learn how by joining us monthly for live conversations with event and field marketing pros. They’ll share their secrets to creating engaging events that impress attendees and deliver meaningful results. From what’s trending in event marketing to hot takes and how to’s, this show reveals how marketers are leveraging events to build brands, audiences, and revenue.


MacKenzie GrantRebekah Bingham McAdamsGhazwan AlmoazenKaren HartlineTonya HawesGeorgianne ParkerTavar JamesMayra RiveraAustin SandmeyerChloe RichardsonDarlene SmithSusan MooreJon WolffKellie MayridesNikki SherinKathryn Frankson

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