Nina Butler
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Sr. Director, Revenue Marketing

“I sleep better at night knowing our events are run on Goldcast. The main reason is because of the team behind the scenes that care about my success”

Our team has partnered with hundreds of customers to help them successfully build and launch their event strategy

Our people

Brittany Francis
Implementation manager

The implementation manager will onboard your team and set up two event templates. He/she will be an extended team member supporting your team from registration to event run of show to event execution to post event sync on event performance for the two events. Post completion, the CSM will be your point of contact.

Matthew Siegel
Customer Success Manager

You’ll partner with a customer success manager with deep experience of the Goldcast platform and how to utilize its features for successful events. Your CSM will support you by being a thought partner on how to set up your event, uplevel attendee engagement, and maximize the ROI of each event you hold.

Vanessa Marshall
Customer Support

The Customer Support team is available to answer queries by email or live chat during any stage of your event set up. We also offer live support for all your events by Email or live chat.

Here’s your success team

Create 2 templates with execution support
Customer Success Manager
CSM manager as your main POC to help you achieve your goals​
Support Team
For every event, 30 minutes leading up to your event and throughout the entire event, our support team will provide live support via chat and email
You can reach us anytime through

We build your first 2 events for you 

(14-30 days to go live with 1st event)​
  • Define event flow
  • Iterative review process
  • Goldcast creates  template
  • Event run of Show + Event execution
  • Post event follow up + Data report
  • Integration check to align on data sync
Customer Success
  • Quarterly business reviews
  • On call for expertise and best practices
  • Data Analysis
  • 24*7  support for live events
  • 8 AM - 8 PM EST for regular support hours

Our implementation team will create and support your event with your event flow template

Event Flow template
An event flow template allows users to create a copy of the entire event
flow and scale programs easily.
Registration Set up
Integration Set up
Goldcast landing page / MAP landing page
Registration Sync with MAP
During event
Pre-event Communication
Run of show pre-event
Run of show execution
Email confirmation and reminder emails
Speaker tech check and Event setup check
Live support during event - chat/email
Post event
Post-event communication
Syncing integrations
Live support during event - chat/email
Event Success metrics
Data sync’d with primary systems

Your detailed implementation guide ​

We drive real results for our customers

We increased our event attendance rate from 33% to 50% after switching
to Goldcast

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Ashleigh Frank

Senior Demand Gen Manager

It was a monumental day introducing our new brand! Goldcast allowed our thousands of customers to engage and connect more than they ever have before!!
Sydney Sloane
previous CMO
Goldcast is in the 21st century. They are on the leading edge of what marketers want
Katie Dunn
Katie Dunn
Demand Generation
The marketo integration is very seamless. The 10+ engagement activities help us with personalized and timely follow ups
Sara Lieber, Event Marketing Manager at Drift.
Sara Lieber
Event Marketing Manager
I have tried so many Platforms and nothing beats the ease of use that Goldcast offers
Regina Brown, Senior Growth Marketing Manager at SupportLogic.
Regina Brown
Senior Growth Marketing Manager