Our mission: giving superpowers to event marketers

March 17, 2022
Kishore Kothandaraman
Kishore Kothandaraman
Co-Founder at Goldcast

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If you have ever experienced a great event experience, be it online or offline, it is mainly because of flawless execution. Even an hour-long webinar may look simple, but it takes a lot of planning. Right from setting objectives for the session, creating the event page, driving registrations, getting speakers, planning content, secretly hoping that registrants attend the event and stay engaged throughout. Oh, this does not even include the post event analysis.

And the people responsible for all the above right from planning to execution are the so-called event marketers and demand gen teams- one of the most creative tribes in the whole marketing community. But despite all the hard work and flawless execution, they are one of the most overlooked communities.

And this has to do mainly with how event marketing was 10 years back - where it has been more about brand visibility and just top of funnel leads. This has always led to unanswered questions on ROEI (return on event investment). While event marketers are adopting the new approach of adopting account based marketing and pipeline ownership along with the sales team, existing tools haven’t moved in that direction.

Our mission: giving superpowers to event marketers

We at Goldcast want to turn online events into revenue generating programs and empower the event marketing tribe in B2B companies. There are 3 pillars that we believe are important to achieve this :

· Creating a personalised, memorable event experience for your attendees to experience an “aha” moment pre-event, during event and post event.

· Powerful actionable insights about your prospects and customers that you can pass on to your sales team and customer success teams.

· Bringing the performance marketing that events need by giving the tool kit to track leads, measure engagement and monitor pipeline attribution.

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