Mobile version, self-serve booths and more!

May 2, 2023
Chaithra M D
Chaithra M D
Product Marketer at Goldcast

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It’s that time again - We’ve rolled out some cool new features on Goldcast!

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Here’s what’s new in a nutshell -

  • One-click invite for sponsors to set up their own booths
  • Option to ban registrants during live events
  • Mobile version for all Goldcast events
  • Flexible RTMP In streams

Read on to find out how these will make your event even more epic!

1) Sponsors can set up their own booths

Self-serve booths for the win! 😎

Event organizers no longer have to set up every booth on their own. They can simply invite sponsors or vendors to set up their own booths.

How? Just send the unique booth URL to the sponsor/vendor contact, and they’ll be able to upload a logo, cover image/video, resources, a description, rooms, and even a custom CTA. Easy-peasy!

Learn more at Goldcast help. Contact your Goldcast CSM to enable this feature.

2) View all registrants from admin panel + Ban registrants from events

Say no to troublemakers.

From the Manage Registrants tab, you can see everyone who has registered for your Goldcast event. In addition to removing registrants prior to an event, organizers can also do so in real time during an event.

Registrants who are removed will be immediately redirected out of the live event, will not be able to share messages in chat or direct messages, and won’t be able to re-enter the event.

Learn more at Goldcast help.

3) Goldcast events on mobile

Improved accessibility.

All Goldcast events will now support mobile devices by default (Yaaay)! To ensure your event looks its best on mobile, remember to add mobile-sized assets on your event’s Branding tab!

Learn more at Goldcast help.

4) Flexible RTMP In streams

Keep ‘em streaming!

Goldcast events now allow up to 5 separate RTMP In streams to be created per event! Depending on the needs of your event, you can determine which RTMP In stream to employ for each broadcast.

This is especially useful for hybrid events which may be streaming from different rooms or totally separate locations at once. Goldcast's new RTMP In setup also simplifies testing streams.

We love hearing from our clients and would love to get your feedback. Click here to let our Product team know any new features you’d like to see next!

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