May Product Updates Blog: Repeating Events and Content Lab Updates to help Scale Video Content with Ease

May 9, 2024
Chaithra M D
Chaithra M D
Associate Product Marketer

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Welcome to May’s Product Updates Blog!

Did you know that short-form video is the top content format marketers will invest in this year?

Video is at the heart of how we consume. Events and webinars are typically the top source for content. AI tools will help take that goldmine of content to be easily repurposed and used across multiple channels.

We've revamped our core events platform and AI tool, Content Lab, to help you create and repurpose video content easily.

Read on for more info on these exciting updates 👇

💫 New this month

Repeating Events

We’re excited to introduce repeating events to Goldcast. It’ll help marketers like you automate the creation of regularly scheduled events, such as daily or weekly product demos, new customer onboarding, or similar events.

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Here are a few more ways it can benefit your event management experience:

Saves time and effort: Eliminate the work that comes with duplicating each event.

Improved experience for attendees: Attendees can choose a date from the dropdown menu and register for the day they want to attend. They don’t have to go over multiple registration forms to check out the specifics for each occurence of the event.

Fine-tuning future events: Use event analytics to fine-tune future events and increase their impact.

🔄 Learn more

Share video clips for approval: Content Lab

Getting approval before posting a clip, or showing your team the cool content you’ve created, is now just a link away. Each clip created on Content Lab comes with an easily shareable link for you to well, share 🙂

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🎥 Learn more about clip sharing

Upscale your video: Content Lab

With the click of a button, enhance the video quality of the clips you create, especially if you’re using lower-quality, grainy video recorded in places like Zoom.

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📽️ Learn more here.

Create longer video clips: Content Lab

Short-form video is having its spotlight moment and rightfully so, which is why we originally restricted clips to be 3 minutes. But you’ve all brought up some great use cases for creating and editing longer videos, such as cleaning up a case study video or on-demand recording. So the 3-minute restriction is no more! You can now create and edit video clips as long as 3 hours.

More about video clips here 🧪

Auto-balanced captions: Content Lab

We’ve adjusted the captions to make sure each clip shows a balanced amount of words on each line versus it sometimes showing 2 words and other times showing 6 — because that was weird.

📈 Learn more about the update here

That’s all for now. We’ll see you in June with brand-new product updates! 👋

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