May 2023 Product Updates: Cross-Event Reporting, Event Hub, Page Builder Enhancements, and More

May 3, 2023
Chaithra M D
Chaithra M D
Product Marketer at Goldcast

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Attention, fellow B2B marketers! We have intercepted some exclusive information regarding the latest updates from Goldcast, the force is strong with this one! 🌟

First, we're excited to announce that our Event Hub is now live! We also have exciting updates in event analytics and reporting - cross-event reporting to get insights and analytics across multiple events.

Ultimately, our goal is to help organizers stress less and be able to run repeatable events across teams seamlessly.

Keep reading to learn more about our latest releases, including the Event Hub, Cross-Event Reporting, and Page Builder Enhancements.

1. Cross-event reporting

The Cross-Event Reporting Dashboard - it's like a crystal ball for all your events! With this feature, you can now get insights and analytics for all your events. So whether you're a marketer or an organizer, you'll love the ability to run reports on a selected date range and compare performance metrics across events.

That's not all - we've also got a list of the most engaged companies and accounts across your events. With filtering, drill-downs, and the ability to download data, you can easily identify which accounts and prospects are worth following up with.

You get a holistic view of your overall event performance. You can measure the business value provided by your events, compare relative performance, and even identify best practices, trends, and patterns within your data. Check it out! 👇

📈 Take a deep dive into the details of the new cross-event reporting

2. Event Hub Page Builder

The Event Hub Page Builder is now live for all customers. We’ve gotten great feedback from beta customers and we’re so excited to roll it out to everyone!

With the Event Hub, you can easily host all your upcoming and past events - from digital webinars and virtual summits to field marketing events and multi-day conferences — the event hub page builder covers it all!

The no-code builder will help you set up a beautiful, branded public page to showcase all of your events. You can perfect its look and feel with customizable blocks - all without the help of a developer.

We’ve also added some new enhancements to the builder. Here are the key highlights -

  • The option to display upcoming and on-demand events of your choice
  • More control over page contents and spacing
  • The ability to upload custom font files for different weights
  • Custom padding options for content in page blocks
  • Event Date is now optional in the Custom Events Block.

⚡️ Brush through this doc for more details on the Event Hub

3. Aliases on text Q&A

Organizers can now respond to text Q&A anonymously or use any pseudonym they’d like. This is super helpful if you don’t want to disclose the respondent’s identity.

⚡️ Learn more about text Q&A improvements

4. On-demand captions

Get more out of your on-demand events!

You can now get captions for on-demand content and make it accessible to a larger audience base. Organizers can also request session transcripts that can help in generating post-event summaries.

🎥 See how you can request on-demand captions

5. Speaker experience enhancements

When using systems with low configuration, some speakers may encounter difficulties when virtual backgrounds are on. This is usually due to their laptop's processing limitations, resulting in overheating and reduced video quality.

To enhance the speaker's experience on Goldcast, we have made adjustments to the video quality settings so that the speaker's video quality will not be upgraded above 480p when virtual backgrounds are on.

You can always have this changed by contacting our support team

🎤 Learn more about virtual backgrounds for speakers

That’s all for now. We’ll see you next month with more product updates! 👋

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