March Product Updates Blog: Teams, Content Lab Brand Kits, and more!

March 7, 2024

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Welcome to March updates from Goldcast! We're thrilled to announce free trials for Content Lab, our AI-powered content repurposing tool. Turn event content into snackable video clips, blogs, social posts, and more in no time! Sign up here to experience Content Lab for free, starting next week! We also shipped other updates, including the all-new Teams feature, to help you organize and control access when multiple business units in your organization host their own events. Check it out! 👇

💫 New this month


Do multiple departments at your organization host events? Introducing Teams - a seamless way for different departments in your company to use the same Goldcast organization. Teams allows for different teams to keep their events, associated data and assets independent while still accessing common templates and reporting.

Use Teams to make sure the right people are touching the right events, using the right templates, and viewing the right reports.

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With Teams, you can:

  • Organize your account’s events, series, pages, and templates
  • Control who can access which team by assigning roles and permissions
  • Control who can edit organization integrations, domains, and shared templates
  • View cross-team or per-team reports

🫂Check out teams for your teams!

Content Lab Brand Kits and Clip Templates

Save time and money on professional video editing with AI-powered templates, that are optimized for your brand style and marketing channels.

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Turn any long-form video into social and customer-ready clips, highlighting the key speakers, in literally minutes—polished, with one-click branding, and a variety of templates that work for any channel.

Free trials for Content Lab will be starting next week! Sign up though the link below and bring magic to your content creation 🪄

ℹ️ Sign up for Content Lab

Lead Creation control

Do you get frustrated with duplicate leads and data contamination in Salesforce? With our latest update, you now have control over lead creation in Salesforce, meaning new leads don’t get created unless you choose otherwise, helping you maintain a clean and efficient CRM/MAP. You can use this to control to make sure that Goldcast syncs engagement data and status updates only for entities which are present in your CRM/MAP.

📈 Learn how to configure it for Salesforce and Marketo

That’s all for now. We’ll see you in April with brand new product updates! 👋

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