The Truth Behind The Booth: How To Make Virtual Booths Worth Your Time

March 17, 2022
Chaithra M D
Chaithra M D
Product Marketer at Goldcast

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Virtual booths are the marmite of the event world: people either love them or hate them.

Whatever side of the fence you’re on, as an event leader you know virtual booths are the best place for sponsors and sales teams to do their thing. And without them, those all-important relationships would crumble.

Plus, with 87% of event organizers choosing tools with virtual sponsorship booth features, these booths obviously have value—even if traffic is low.

But just because the stats say virtual booths are worth it, doesn’t mean your attendees automatically agree—and unfortunately, many Zoom-weary guests simply choose to opt out.

So how can you become the pied piper of event booths and get those attendees filing through the virtual door?

Let’s take a look.

At Goldcast, we take a low-friction approach to virtual booths, tying them seamlessly to the attendee’s last session for a natural experience that’s easy to roll with. Once inside, attendees can join a focused roundtable or engage in a scheduled demo in a dedicated 30 minute time slot. Easy, peasy, and 100% revenue-friendly.

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