The Goldcast Page Builder: Drive Event Registrations with Ease

February 28, 2023
Lauren Creedon
Lauren Creedon
Head of Product at Goldcast

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Ah, the event registration page. The “homepage” of your event. The friendly “face” that greets your audience and entices them to join for more.

As important as these humble pages are, creating them is less than glamorous.

Inflexible page builders and stale templates that look and feel like, well, a template, have most event pages falling flat.

Or, worse, you waste time waiting on other teams to create and launch pages for your events. This slows down the entire process and blocks other work.

The entire process can be frustrating and time-consuming, to say the least, especially when you have to deal with technical and design limitations.

But what if we told you that you could say goodbye to those headaches with a flexible, intuitive, and marketer-friendly page builder experience?

Well, now you can. We’re proud to announce Goldcast’s new event registration page and event hub builder for free to all customers!

Let’s break it down.

What’s the new registration and event hub builder?

This new product is designed specifically for B2B marketers like you, allowing you to build, brand, and launch beautiful registration pages with ease.

Not a design wiz? No problem! You don’t need to have a design or development background to use the tool.

And the best part? The page builder is connected to your Goldcast account, so all of your event data will automatically be pulled in from there.

It supports both ticketed and unticketed events. From digital events like webinars and virtual summits, and field marketing events to multi-day conferences - the builder covers it all. You can not only maximize registrations for your event but also use the builder to create an events hub to host all of your past and upcoming events! How cool is that?

Let’s take a look at a few specific features that will make your life easier.

Modern page builder with pre-built blocks

Remember how we said you don’t need a design or development background to create and launch registration pages? The builder uses pre-built blocks to design the layout of the page.

From there, you can customize just about everything on the page. This means you can easily add and arrange elements on your page, and each block can be styled differently to match the look and feel of your brand (not ours).


Preview changes in real-time

Want to see how your page looks before it goes live? What about a real-time preview of your design as you build your page? We’ve got you.

You can see the preview of your page on the right side of the screen, so you know how your page will look before you publish it. Easy, peasy.


Mobile-friendly event pages

There’s nothing worse than a page that looks perfect on your computer but totally breaks via mobile. But don’t worry, we planned for that, too.

The page builder is fully optimized for mobile, so you can rest assured that your event pages will look great and function on any device.


Customizable forms

The whole purpose of the event landing page is to drive registrations for your event. Our flexible forms feature ensures that your page plays nicely with other tools in your tech stack and makes this process as seamless as possible.

What’s this mean? You can easily embed forms to collect registrant information and sync that info to your MAPs like HubSpot, Marketo, Pardot, and more.


Add additional blocks

Need something that our page builder doesn’t have handy? We planned for that, too.

The builder allows marketers to add additional blocks, content, and images. This means you can add elements that are unique to your webinar or event, and really make your pages stand out.


Upcoming and on-demand events in a flash (in beta)

Last but certainly not least, our page builder is for more than just registration pages. It also supports building event hubs, a central page that can host all of your upcoming and past events.

This will help you get more eyeballs for your on-demand events as well as help boost registrations for all your future events. When on-demand recordings are viewed, that information gets sent to your MAPs and CRMs to help you take necessary action.

As with the registration page, this too can be fully customized to your brand specifications.


Ready to see more? Here are a few options to explore our new page builder:

  • Current customer? Check out our help center documentation, or reach out to your CSM for the details
  • Want a quick overview? Take a test drive via our interactive tour.
  • Ready for a more customized walkthrough? Reach out below for a personalized demo to see what your event pages could look like.

So, what are you waiting for? Create beautiful registration pages with ease, and make your events a success!

Explore our free demo event to get a taste of what it looks like, or reach out to our team for a customized walkthrough.

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