August 2022 Product Updates: Chat GIFs, Custom Email Domains, Pardot, and More!

August 18, 2022
Chaithra M D
Chaithra M D
Product Marketer at Goldcast

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Welcome to the latest Goldcast product release review!

Our team is soaking up the last bit of summer—but that hasn’t slowed us down. We’re pumped to share several cool new features to help event marketers like you launch red hot events (see what we did there?). 😎

Keep reading to learn more about our latest releases, including our two-way integration with Pardot, GIFs in chat, and custom email domains.

Let’s get to it! 👇

1. Chat GIFs

Say it with a GIF! Attendees can now add GIFs right inside Goldcast chat. This delightful new feature has been hit with audiences so far!

Ready to liven up your chats? You can easily enable or disable this feature on the engagement panel.

🔀 See how you can enable GIFs in your session chat

2. Two-way Pardot integration

Your data just got a glow-up with our two-way Pardot integration!

Now, you can convert Pardot lists into event registrants for your Goldcast event in a flash! And you can export attendee data to Pardot lists based on the activity type an event user performs in your event.

Now, your sales team can quickly follow up with the most relevant leads post-event. More importantly, you can customize your outreach based on event data. Replace generic, bland emails with personalized and thoughtful messaging.

3. Custom email domains

Hello from “” 👋

All emails sent to registrants from the Goldcast platform are sent from by default.

But now, you can set any email address from your own domain to send registration and reminder notifications for all your events.

📩 Get the DL on custom email domains

Lightning round updates

Small but mighty, check out these additional upgrades ⤵️

  • Chat notifications: Attendees can now see when they have unread chat threads.
  • Change event dates: Easily send an updated calendar invite to attendees in case event details change.
  • New branding: Screensavers, Q&A, and polls shared to the stage can have their own color selected in the branding tab.
  • HubSpot customization: Organizers now have the ability to enable and disable the different activity trigger data that is being sent to HubSpot .

That’s all for now. We’ll see you next month with more product updates! 👋

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