The future of event marketing

Goldcast helps B2B marketers run webinars, virtual and hybrid events that drive revenue
Run virtual & hybrid events that
engage like a bingeworthy Netflix series.

It’s time to deliver an event experience that actually stands out

Goldcast helps you craft an event experience that creates an “aha” moment with your prospects and customers that they don’t get with traditional event platforms. Plus, Goldcast is built for B2B marketers specifically, so our product helps arm your sales and marketing teams with actionable insights they need to turn attendees into customers.

"At Drift, every experience matters. That's why we turned to Goldcast to elevate our events and help us create unique experiences that meet our customers' ever-evolving needs."

Sara Lieber

Event Marketing Manager

Sara Lieber, Event Marketing Manager at Drift.

Create a Netflix-style experience for your attendees

Are you still watching? You bet they are. We’ve obsessed over design to create an elegant user experience that increases attendee show rate, drives engagement, and gives them an event they’ll rave about.

This is an image of Nina Butler, Director of Global Events Marketing at Alyce.

It was just a really seamless experience. We had a lot of great feedback about the flow of the event, the platform itself, and just the ability to sit back and be guided through it. I sleep better at night knowing that our experiences are run on Goldcast

Nina Butler

logo of Alyce.
Director of Global Event Marketing

Control your event like a TV show producer

Use our built-in studio controls to create a fully branded stage, overlays, lower-thirds, live video Q&A, and more. You’ll even have the flexibility to toggle between live and pre-recorded videos.

This is an image of Dino Kuckovic, Director of Community & Events at Falcon.

As a marketer, I want my event to look gorgeous and feel like a highly produced experience. Using in-built studio controls, we have easily created a TV show style experience that has gotten us higher attendee engagement consistently

Dino Kuckovic

Falcon Logo
Director of Community & Events

Host events that impact the entire customer lifecycle


User conferences

Hybrid events

Product Launches

Community events

Webinars, user conferences, hybrid events, product launches, community events, field events — Goldcast can do it all, and more. We're built for events of any size or format, no matter where a customer is on their journey with you.

Nurture your community

Transform your audience into a community using the Goldcast lounge, breakout rooms, 1:1 networking, gaming widgets, a photo booth, and more to create a fun and memorable event experience.

This is an image of Nathan Burke, CMO at Axonius.

Creating a community through events is an important objective for us. And having a space for attendees to interact with each other in small groups and experience something memorable was top of mind. We  looked at multiple platforms and been extremely happy with the community interactions we have achieved through Goldcast

Nathan Burke

Axonius Logo.

Feed key attendee insights to your sales team

We sync not only the registered/attended status but the detailed attendee and account activity from the event into CRM tools. This helps marketing teams prioritize leads and create targeted campaigns and sales teams understand account level insights right in Salesforce.

This is an image of Jennifer Cummings, Director of Global Event Marketing at Salesloft.

Goldcast always makes data actionable, so it can be used in follow-ups to really elevate the experience. It’s about putting attendees into targeted cadences, giving sales the opportunity to dive into what the customer needs

Jennifer Cummings

Salesloft logo.
Director of Global Event Marketing

See it in Action

Goldcast helped me realize our vision of attendees watching the event and going "Wow, Holy Smokes, this is an experience that I can't forget!"