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Host and run amazing webinars like a pro

Create exceptional experiences
effortlessly, no downloads required!

Craft a personalized experience

Goldcast lets you personalize the experience for prospects and customers pre-event, during and post event. Keep your audience far more engaged and drive sales pipeline through key insights.

Say goodbye to one-sided events

Utilize the insights from your CRMs and marketing platforms to make sure that your sales and customer success teams develop relationships with the right prospects and customers during the event

Smart insights that seal the deal

Identify account-based intent data through engagement insights and easily use your webinars to accelerate sales pipeline. Measure net new pipeline and influenced pipeline through our interactive post-event dashboards.

Streamline your
pre-event activities

Streamline your‍pre-event activities

Manage registrations easily

Use Goldcast’s registration system or seamlessly integrate with Hubspot, Market, Pardot registration pages to accept registrations.

Increase your
webinar turnouts

Automate how your brand interacts with registered participants by sending branded reminder emails and follow ups to for higher turnouts.

Establish your branding

Ensure that your webinar’s website and registration page matches your branding with powerful customization for your business requirements.

Host amazing webinars that deliver the wow-factor

Host amazing webinars that deliver the wow-factor

Boost audience engagement

Create an interactive webinar experience by using chat, text Q&A, poll features and present downloadable materials to maximise your webinar engagements.

Deliver a delightful experience

Ensure your teams have access to your prospects’ behaviour in real-time and empower them to send personalized messages based on the prospect touch-points.

Create breakout rooms

Create roundtable discussions between highly engaging participants and enable thought provoking discussions around various topics.

A platform that goes on even after you wrap up

A platform that goes on even after you wrap up

Turn data into actionable insights

Export engagement insights about your webinar attendees to your preferred marketing automation tools like Hubspot, Marketo, or Pardot.

Connect the right prospects with your team

Notify account managers when prospects engage on your webinar. Integrate with top CRMS like Salesforce and push participant insights for personalized follow ups.

Rich dashboard to decode numbers

Discover new pipeline and influenced pipeline from the event. Measure attribution to see if your webinar influenced your prospects by tracking engagement and intent post your webinar.

An end-to-end solution to host and extract the best out of your webinars