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Give your virtual summit attendees something better than liveengage like a bingeworthy Netflix series and convert attendees high-intent opportunities.

Host virtual events with all the engagement, excitement, and networking — but none of the conference hall food
Run virtual & hybrid events that

The most innovative companies run on Goldcast.

Thought leadership summits

High-impact event environments put the spotlight on your message

An image of multiple people connecting for a call.

Sales conferences

Unmatched opportunity to introduce your products to a new audience

An image of multiple people connecting for a call.

Industry events

Powerful tools to connect and inspire industry leaders

Get people talking about your thought leadership

🔹Showcase your presenters with high-quality streaming video and up to five live RTMP video channels

🔹Amp up the engagement with fireside chats, live video Q&A, and more

🔹Bring together the best presenters from anywhere, at any time, with options for live, simulive, or hybrid events

🔹Easily host on-demand content after the live date to prolong the value of your content

You’ll look great in Goldcast.
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Promote your products with sales conferences

🔹Support networking and 1:1 sales opportunities with easy-to-set-up and on-the fly breakout rooms galore

🔹Take advantage of real-time event metrics on every attendee and engagement

🔹Pass deep event data directly to your sales and marketing tools with native integrations for Hubspot, Marketo, Salesforce, and more

🔹Measure your success with easy-to-use event dashboards

🔹Automate event follow-up to promote deeper engagement and conversion

Build your influencer power by hosting industry events

🔹Make your event as memorable as a live conference with easy event branding

🔹Customize automated conference tracks to give each attendee the perfect experience

🔹Host a full sponsor floor with video, 1:1 breakout rooms, collateral sharing, self-service branding, and more

🔹Get high-end results from our easy-to-use native video production functionality

🔹Reach out to our best-in-class live support if you ever need a hand before, during, or after your event

What Goldcast Customers are Saying

Nina Butler, Director of Event Experience, Alyce

The whole event chat had attendees saying “This is amazing. What is this platform? I have never stayed on an event for this long.” Branding options, the attendee engagement and the post event data for sales follow ups were amazing. The customer support is unmatched.

— Janna Erickson,
Director of Events,

Expect the best from your virtual conferences and summits