Nail your product
launch, online.

Unveil your product to the world and
get the attention of your early adopters.

You are not alone

Goldcast offers complete end-to-end support for all events hosted on our platform. From the start of the event till the end, we work with your team to ensure a smooth event experience.

Reveal your product in style

Unveil your product, its vision & roadmap to prospective users from across the world using Goldcast’s Broadcast stage.

Increase product launch turnouts, add qualified leads to your pipeline

Honor thy branding

Ensure that the look and feel of your event right from the registration page is completely customized as per your brand.

Send reminders to registrants

Send event reminders to registrants who expressed interest during your pre-launch marketing efforts.

Unlock the power of

an interactive launch

Turn your product launch into an interactive affair. Host downloadable brochures, host live Q&As, run polls, and gauge your audience’s sentiment throughout the product launch.

From debut to conversations

Create breakout rooms where attendees can interact with your product/sales team and clarify specific queries.

Turn product launch insights into smart sales pipeline

Focus on the right metrics

Analyse the success of your launch event quantitatively through metrics like net new pipeline generated and influenced pipeline.

Drive sales acceleration

Notify attendee engagement metrics to the respective account managers who can in turn use these insights to close more deals faster.

Ensure product launch success with email follow-up

Goldcast integrates with marketing automation tools like HubSpot, Marketo and Pardot to help you run post-launch email campaigns and ensure product launch success.

Launch your product, delight the attendees and turn them into early users.