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Improve customer retention and growth with virtual customer marketing events.

Elevate and leverage your current customers’ experiences for better retention and growth. Organize interactive, virtual customer marketing events to introduce your customers to your new product or service - Quickly and Effectively.

Everything you need to organize interactive and engaging customer marketing events

Powerful registration management

Manage attendee registrations using Goldcast’s customizable registration platform or seamlessly integrate with Hubspot, Marketo, Salesforce, etc.

Increase footfall and brand stickiness

Communicate with your customers and send branded reminder emails about the marketing event to ensure that they don’t miss out on attending it.

Run events that strengthen the bond with your customers

Customizable with your agenda to inspire loyalty

Get the marketing event in sync with your company’s branding and your new product that you wish to upsell/cross sell. Shape the event agenda with endless interface customization options. You can ensure high energy throughout the marketing event by combining pre-recorded videos with live sessions to increase product recall!

Deliver a personalized experience that your customers will remember

Engage, educate and energize your customers with a range of event models and session types. Create the Main stage, break-out rooms, personal links to more intimate spaces like fireside chats, and more.

Engaging lounge for one-to-one interactions to forge positive customer relationships

Get more room for smaller roundtable discussions and do away with one-sided interactions.

Your customers are your brand advocates. Let the voices be heard.

Let data do the talking

The best marketing events in the world share a pointed focus on data. Track attendee drop-off points, drill down on poll reports and metrics to segment your customer base; set goals to learn from attendee behavior.

Gamification for reduced customer churn

Use post event data to identify the most and the least engaged people in the event; send them gifts or create suitable communication strategies to ensure that engagement is always high.

Engage. Retain. Grow.
Start hosting customer driven marketing events virtually.