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Create Virtual Events That Feel Like A Netflix Show

The virtual events platform built for field marketers and event marketers to drive sales pipeline.


Accelerate Sales Funnel
Through Your Virtual Events.

Goldcast is leading event marketing 3.0 -
Revenue driven event marketing




Pipeline contribution
Mainly top of funnel leads


Pipeline ownership along with sales team
ABM based event strategy

What Our Users Say About Us

"Creating innovative ways to connect virtually"

" I have probably seen hundreds of demos over the years of various event platforms, all alike but none that have truly met the standards or needs. The pandemic has put event technology ahead 10 years in just 10 months, people are listening, adapting and creating innovative ways to connect virtually. Watch out for Goldcast, they are doing big things. They may be small for now, but I predict most event planners will know who they are real soon. "

Lauren Sommers
Marketing Leader, Gainsight

"Goldcast enabled us to make every interaction as personal as possible"

"We were excited to see the high engagement amongst attendees on the main stage as well as the ability to have breakout rooms branded for specific participants with their company logos."

Laura Du
Investor, Afore Capital

"Brilliant event experience"

"We chose Goldcast purely because we wanted a platform that enables our events to feel like an experience rather than a standard video presentation."

Kishore Natarajan
Co-Founder, Hyperverge

"Fun and refreshing virtual experience"

"We hosted our company’s first virtual event with Goldcast, and it exceeded expectations. The Goldcast team went above and beyond to create a unique virtual event experience that our attendees raved about."

Eileen Ann
Senior Director, Axonius

"Fantastic customer support and post event analytics"

"We onboarded Goldcast because we wanted rich post events analytics that allows our sales teams to focus on the people who actually want to buy. But the icing on the cake was the fabulous customer support we received, because we know that multiple things could go wrong during the event. "

Anupam Acharya
COO, Workex

"Goldcast acted like an extended team for us"

"They went above and beyond to help us put together our first official virtual live event, which saw high engagement and helped us move ahead in our quest to become a thought leader in our space."

Rohit Choudhary
CEO, Acceldata

Why Axonius loves Goldcast

"We don’t think there is another platform like Goldcast that would have enabled us idea to execution to measurement & follow-up in under 32 days."
Nathan Burke
CMO, Axonius

Why Afore chose Goldcast

“We had a great experience using Goldcast to host our Annual summit, we were able to support over 700 attendees with a seamless experience..”
Laura Du
Early Stage Investing,
Afore Capital



more registrants with a
unique experience

High registrant to attendee conversion

People register for so many events, yet none of them truly stand out. Goldcast provides a reliable and immersive experience that will leave a lasting impression on your prospects and customers.



your audience like a
memorable Netflix show

Completely customizable with your brand

You want to ensure that the event resembles your company’s branding. And not a boring interface. Goldcast provides you with endless customization options to create a platform that is completely branded for your company.

Mix and match live and pre-recorded videos

Combining pre-recorded videos with live sessions shouldn’t create choppy transitions. Goldcast’s inbuilt studio enables seamless transitions between live and recorded videos that ensures high energy throughout the event. Say goodbye to awkward silences during breaks.

roundtable rooms

Most events become one sided presentations with no room for peer-to-peer interactions. Goldcast’s engaging lounge allows attendees to have smaller roundtable discussions around their favourite topics

White-glove support as your extended team

Hosting virtual events is stressful - there is always anxiety around things breaking last minute. Goldcast’s new age infrastructure is extremely scalable with the attendee count. We are your extended team throughout your event, and we mean it.



your sales pipeline

Actionable insights for your sales and customer success teams

You spent weeks putting together a kickass event. But what happens to the data collected from the virtual event? Goldcast collects intent data about prospects and customers throughout the event with actionable insights for your sales and customer success teams.

Deep Integrations with your tool kit

No more lost leads and manual CSV uploads. Instead, opt for seamless integrations with your favourite marketing automation tools and CRM’s via Goldcast.

Trusted by leading brands

Use cases

Single platform to host events right from webinars to large conferences.