About the guest

Nick is a Field Marketing leader, driven by results, solutions and technology. Marketing is his life, and Field Marketing is his forte.  As a disruptor, he strives to establish genuine, long-lasting relationships with clientele and drive success home for all involved.

Through the years, he has gained a reputation for being able to successfully develop and execute fully-integrated Field and Cross-Channel Marketing strategies – by craving for high impact results throughout the sales and marketing pipeline. Innovative and highly analytical, he is dedicated to connecting enterprise clientele with solutions. He defines infrastructural needs and provides technical solutions that push his clients to succeed.

Pioneering change, he works to rapidly grow operations, and when given the reins, he takes charge in the marketing, sales, and transformation of both enterprise and start-up organizations.  He contributes to public relations and social media initiatives that drive awareness of new products and services that are available to enterprise businesses - while interacting with both the media and potential buyer.

How To Stand Out With Your Event Strategy In 2021

57:47 | 02.12.2020