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Video Production Capabilities

Present your content in an engaging manner with plenty of options for visually simulating displays and high-production videos.

No to Blank Screens, Yes to Branded Displays

No more awkward silences or blank screens between sessions. Goldcast powers elegant handling of empty stages: pre-event, in-event and post-event.

Be it a countdown to the event, visuals to keep attendees engaged while the speaker preps or letting them know where to navigate to, Goldcast provides pre-built branded templates to enable free flow of the event. Or stream videos highlighting your brand and products to empty stages in between or before sessions to give attendees a Netflix-like experience!

1. Branded displays

Wow your attendees with live or pre-recorded videos

Easily mix pre-recorded and live high production videos right from within Goldcast. Zero knowledge of video production needed.

Make attendees go 'whoa!' and inspire them to share the event on social media (Hello more reach)!

2. High production videos

Simulive for glitch-free event experiences

Schedule Simulive sessions pre-event and have them played between or during sessions.

Adapt to your audience - Simulives come with adaptive bitrate, so the streaming will auto-adjust to any bandwidth.

3. Simulive

Hassle-free slide share

Don’t miss out on live discussions with your attendees!

Upload slides prior to the event and present them without having to share your screen or navigate away from the stage.

4. Slideshare

Moderate like a pro!

Get endless controls as an organizer and seamlessly switch between going on stage, going live or backstage. You also have options to change the layout to your liking.

As an organizer, you'll also be able to view an event as an attendee with just one click.

5. Moderate controls

High-fidelity event recordings

Missed an event? No problem!

Unlike clunky Zoom videos, we’ve got you covered with studio-grade recordings available right after the event that make it seem like you’re right there attending it!

6. Event recordings

Keep em' streaming!

You can easily stream from Goldcast to YouTube, Facebook or any RTMP Destination.

7. Streaming

Create a Netflix-like event and give your attendees an incredible experience.