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Rooms - but with a dash of Gold

Convert more leads with great networking.

Rooms function like mini zoom calls within the platform, allowing small groups to chat in an intimate setting. People can hop into and out of rooms as they please, without losing track of the event.

Networking rooms

Rooms at Goldcast events are versatile! Simply create them beforehand and brand them as required.

Attendees can drop in and drop out whenever they want to and get networking with peers, watch product demos, or take part in topic based discussions - based on what you have branded them for!

1. Networking rooms

Breakout rooms

With breakout rooms, you are sending attendees directly into a specific room where they can network with their peers.

You can manually create breakouts based on insights gleaned from your CRM.

2. Breakout rooms

Actionable insights

The devil is in the data! The insights you get will help you learn which rooms people visited and how long they spent in each, which is key to identifying your MQLs and get cracking on those follow-ups!

3. Actionable insights

Create a Netflix-like event and give your attendees an incredible experience.