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Seamless user experience - Before, during, and post-event

The Goldcast platform is designed to be intuitive and UX friendly. Attendees can explore the event in a hassle-free manner, without any nudging from your end.

Mobile web

Attendees can access the same intuitive platform even on mobile web. Simply click your magic link from your mobile device.

No extra app downloads or hassles needed.

1. Mobile web

Magic link

One-click login through a magic link via email, which sends automatic confirmation and reminder emails as well as calendar invites.

Unlike other event platforms, attendees don't have to create a separate login. Hello frictionless entry and higher registrant-to-attendee ratio!

2. Magic link

Auto navigation

Attendees are automatically sent to the latest session based on an agenda. They can sit back and enjoy the event (just like streaming their favorite series), without having to worry about how and where to go next.

The platform is intuitive and the navigation tabs are self-explanatory - Attendees can explore while not losing track of the event they’re attending.

3. Auto navigation

Navigation tab labels

You can easily change the navigation tabs to suit whatever you want to showcase to potential prospects.

So, for example, you could change “People” to “Attendees” or “Toasters” (if you work at Toast). Additionally, you could change “Booths” to “Sponsors” or “Rooms” to “Networking.”

4. Navigation tab labels

Creating tracks

Quickly create tracks from within the Admin Portal, if you’ve multiple sessions happening at your event. Assign attendees to tracks based on their interest for a truly relevant and personalized experience. ( We're all about getting that ABM right! )

When attendees will sign-up for a specific track, they’ll be auto-pushed through all events for this topic. They can switch between tracks anytime they want to!

5. Creating tracks

Create a Netflix-like event and give your attendees an incredible experience.