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Ready to get on the Hy-way?

Goldcast Hybrid: The industry's first true Hybrid event solution. A seamless fusion of the virtual and physical worlds.

Goldcast Hybrid TV screen

This is where the in-person and virtual worlds come together. Use it in your physical venue to showcase remote speakers, common chat feeds, slide decks, and a host of other functionalities!

  • What the in-person attendees see: The TV screen where the event is being streamed, with the virtual speakers, common chat feed, publish polls & questions and more!
  • What the virtual attendees see: The usual amazing virtual event view and functionalities that they always do, along with a view of the in-person stage.
1. Hybrid TV screen

Equally engaging for everyone!

Rest assured that virtual and in-person attendees are both involved in your event the same way. We value inclusivity and will ensure that there’s no stark difference between the way they experience your event.

2. Equal involvement

Mobile web experience for better accessibility

Aside from directly viewing the Hybrid TV screen, in-person attendees can also participate and engage with their virtual counterparts with Mobile web, which will help them –

  • Get a good sense of the agenda of the event
  • See who else is attending, and network with both in-person and virtual attendees
  • Engage with the speaker via polls and Q&A
  • See other peripheral information such as sponsors and more
3. Mobile web

Bringing people closer, no matter where they are

Hybrid event agendas will have the in-person location(s) displayed, along with icons that indicate who is in-person and who is attending virtually.

What’s more? Attendees from both worlds can ask video questions and network one-on-one. In-person attendees can interact with virtual attendees and vice versa!

4. Tags and icons

Easy setup

Just a laptop with a good camera and mic and organizers are good to go for Hybrid! Both in-person and virtual speakers can join the session easily. They can meet backstage to prep before getting ready to rock the event!

5. Easy setup

Multiple locations - One hybrid solution

Connect as many hybrid streams as needed and mix and match them between sessions for true flexibility. 

Have an event happening in NYC, in SF, and virtually all at once? Our RTMP In solution is built to handle it effortlessly.

6. Flexible RTMP

Create a Netflix-like event and give your attendees an incredible experience.