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All-in-one toolkit for value-driven engagement!

Get the intent signals your company needs. Gauge the pulse of your attendees with powerful inbuilt engagement options.

A sneak peek of what’s in store

  • Chat: Unleash the power of networking with One-on-One messages & video chats as well as public, session and booth chats for enhanced networking.
  • Polls: Real-time voting with single or multiple choice polls. Polls can be uploaded prior to the event and launched at any point during the event.
  • Q&A: Keep the questions comin'! Enable both Text AND Video Q&As for heightened engagement. You can publish the questions if you want attendees to see and upvote them.

Attendees can virtually ‘jump’ on stage and ask video questions (can’t get more in-person like than this, can it?!)

1. A sneak peek of what’s in store


P2P messages and video calls: Direct messaging center and one-click video invites to give attendees ultimate networking control.

Get them mingling! Get your teams to meet and mingle with potential prospects, get in a huddle with private group video calls or just pop in to say hi to anyone on the attendee list - all within the platform!

2. Networking

Resource center

All your downloadables (Presentations, case studies, product marketing docs, product brochures, you name it!) easily accessible in one place.

3. Downloadables

Embed any call to action

One-click option for attendees to get in touch for demos/meetings.

4. Embedding CTA

Create a Netflix-like event and give your attendees an incredible experience.