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Save time and fuel faster conversions – Goldcast Dashboards

Take action on your attendee data to drive business results and impress your leadership team!

Goldcast enables marketers to better understand intent signals from event engagement, and leverage that data to drive better marketing actions and decisions with live dashboards.


As an event planner, you can see detailed information about who is attending the event, including their company, title, and location. You get all the details on which attendees are most and least engaged. The dashboards can be filtered to help you better understand your audience.

1. Pre-event


Individual attendees can be tracked in granular detail through a Post-Event Dashboard. Marketers can use this data for customized and targeted follow-ups to increase marketing efficiency.

The high level metrics are presented in charts, graphs, and number panels, while the granular details, such as poll responses, time spent in each room, and the speakers who were most engaging, are presented in exportable and interactive tables.

2. Post-event

Create a Netflix-like event and give your attendees an incredible experience.