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Not your ordinary booths!

Goldcast provides endless possibilities for attendee networking and conversing meaningfully with your prospects - turn conversations into meaningful relationships, and relationships into lasting customers!

Product showcasing

Get sponsors to showcase their products to relevant attendees. Add tags to booths to make them easy to discover.

1. Product showcasing

On-demand content

Organizers can upload on-demand videos to be played when attendees enter the booths, coupled with relevant documents and collateral.

2. On-demand content

Networking hubs

Once you've set up a booth around a particular topic, you can add rooms which function as networking hubs within the booths.

3. Networking hubs

Secondary booths

Have more sponsors and need another booth? We've got you covered! You can add a secondary booth easily as a separate tab. Consider adding more sponsors, using this area as a help center, or displaying recorded videos after the event - your pick!

4. Secondary booths

Reordering booths

Organizers are able to order how their booths show up in booth tabs and the corresponding logos in the registration page.

You can also re-order them if necessary. As with other tabs on Goldcast, you can name the booths to suit your company's agenda.

5. Reordering booths

Self-serve booths

Sponsors can create their own booths at your event with just a one-link invite.

6. Self-serve booths

All your resources

You can include either files or links you'd like to make available to attendees who visit your booth and even include a custom CTA inside each booth.

7. All your resources

Create a Netflix-like event and give your attendees an incredible experience.