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5 tactical webinars all about webinars

We’re the Marketing team at Goldcast 👋 We created this series to share a behind-the-scenes look at our own webinar strategy.

Join us to learn tactical tips on using webinars to build trust, engage your audience, and drive pipeline and revenue.

Meet our webinar experts

We’re excited to pull back the curtains of our own webinar strategy. These folks have been involved in more than 100 digital events over the past two years! So, they know a thing or two about running high-performing webinars.

Kelly Cheng, head of Growth, Goldcast.

Kelly Cheng

Head of Growth
Belinda Joseph,

Belinda Joseph

Head of Events
Meisha Bochicchio, Senior Content Marketing Manager.

Meisha Bochicchio

Senior Content Marketing
Reagan Hochmeister, Community Marketing Manager at Goldcast.

Reagan Hochmeister

Community Marketing Manager
Katie Morrissey, Head of business Development.

Katie Morrissey

Head of Business Development

What you’ll learn

So, what’s in store? We break down our webinar strategy from start to finish. Each session represents an important step in our process. Here’s a sneak peek!

Events Agenda

Session 1

Demand Gen: Using Webinars as Part of Larger Integrated Campaigns
Kelly, Head of Growth, Goldcast.
The days of “one and done” webinars are gone. The best B2B marketers know the power of running webinars as part of a larger integrated campaign. Whether you’re planning a product launch, a customer marketing campaign, or a demand generation driver, webinars can accelerate campaign success.

Session 2

Webinar Promotion:
5 Effective Tips to Drive Registrations and Attendees
Belinda, Head of events, Goldcast.
Zoom fatigue is real, and the bar for getting attendees to show up for events has never been higher. But not all hope is lost! Webinars are still one of the most effective ways to engage an audience—the key is to reach the right people at the right time. Learn tactical tips to break through the noise and drive both registrations and attendees.

Session 3

Webinar Engagement: 7 Easy Hacks to Capture and Keep Attention
Meisha Bochicchio, Senior Content Marketing Manager.
Reagan, Community Marketing Manager, Goldcast.
Getting folks to show up is one thing, but keeping them active and engaged in your webinar is another. In this session, we’ll offer practical tips on keeping your audience’s attention, including a run-through of our own webinar engagement strategy.

Session 4

Post-Webinar Operations: Aligning Marketing and Sales for Success
Kelly, Head of Growth, Goldcast.
Katie Morrissey, head of Business Development.
The work doesn’t stop when the cameras stop rolling. In fact, the real work is just getting started! Learn how marketing can partner with operations and sales to expedite the post-event process and make the most of your webinar event data.

Session 5

Webinar Content: 3 Impactful Ways to Repurpose Webinar Sessions
Meisha Bochicchio, Senior Content Marketing Manager.
What do you do after your webinar is over? Upload it to a resource library and hope for the best? The savviest B2B marketers know that one webinar session can be sliced and diced into smaller assets to support long-term promotion and distribution. Join us to learn three impactful ways to repurpose your webinars.

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